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Thank you!

Posted by David On June 6, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

**Please imagine the classic Kool and the Gang song ‘Celebration’ playing in the background as you read this (we can’t afford the rights to actually play the song!)**

Nerd Culture Podcast was featured on the front page the iTunes Podcasts ‘New & Noteworthy’ section!

That’s right, thanks to 11 of our awesome listeners taking the time to give us a star rating we caught the attention of the good folk at Apple and pushed us up the rankings.

We also made it to 4th on the iPhone app version of the iTunes store!

All of us at NCP really want to thank everyone for listening and visiting the site, and taking the time to rate and review us. We really appreciate it, and it is great to know that what we’re doing is being appreciated.

Keep the feedback coming ( we really love hearing from you and we’ll even read it out on the podcast!

P.S. A special thanks to Andrew from Hoyts, who was very helpful, and the nicest customer service person I have dealt with in a long time. The NCP crew choose Hoyts to view their films and people like Andrew are definitely part of the reason why.

DC to reboot Universe part 3

Posted by David On June 5, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

We cover the DCU reboot in our episode #3 podcast (coming soon!) so I thought I’d do a final post as a little treat.

The Downfall Hitler Bunker meme never ceases to amaze me with how easy it is to adapt it to almost any possible scenario. So here is one about the DC reboot. Enjoy!


DC to reboot Universe part 2

Posted by David On June 3, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Well there is no denying that DC’s decision to reboot their entire universe has gotten the comic communities buzzing. And, as expected from the master marketers they are, new information keeps flowing out.

New titles. New creative teams. New continuity. Check it out below (Warning, image intensive)


DC to reboot Universe

Posted by David On June 1, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

The interwebs were abuzz today over the news that DC Comics will rebooting their universe, with 52 of their titles receiving brand new #1 issues.

Arising from the Flashpoint mini series by Geoff Johns, which deals with the Flash (Barry Allen) stuck in an alternate version of the DCU, the new #1 will introduce a fresher spin on classic characters of the DC Universe.

Think of it as a cross between Crisis on Infinite Earths & The Marvel Ultimate universe.

New creative teams will also be taking over from the current ones, with Grant Morrison on Batman a particular highlight for me.

Expect new costumes, continuity retconned to oblivion & John’s beloved Cyborg to become a major player. There’s even talk of Superman and Wonder Woman being an item.

I have mixed feelings about this. I am a fan of alternate reality stories, and the Marvel Ultimate universe started well, but do DC really want to do something like this? Couldn’t they have just released their own Ultimate line of comics and left the main DCU alone?

We’ll be following this very closely, with more news as it comes.

Tell what you think of all this. Excited, Angry or Don’t Care? Leave us a comment.

Geek Pride Day is here!

Posted by David On May 25, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Well, not only is today Towel Day, but it is also Geek Pride Day! That’s right folks, Nerds & Geeks are taking over the world!

May 25th just may be the most important day of the year – Towel Day, Geek Pride Day, release date of Star Wars (in 1977), JFK announces his goal put a “man on the Moon” before the end of the decade (in 1961) and the first recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet (in 240 BC)!

Geek Pride Day started in 2006 in Spain when 300 people showed their pride by creating a human “Pac-Man” game. In 2008 US bloggers heralded it as a holiday and yet another reason to celebrate Nerdism was born.

So put on your favourite comic character T-shirt and carry around your sack of multi-sided dice – for today is the day Geeks and Nerds unite. And for all those who may mock your right to be the lovable nerd you are, ‘I say thee nay!’