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Valentine’s Day Interview

Posted by Nikki On February 14, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

Chocolates-in-heart-box-chocolateIn the tradition of Valentine’s day, I went to a local grocery store and picked up a big box of chocolates. Once I got home, I carefully unwrapped the box and ate the first yummy chocolate that I could see, then I asked a few questions to the remaining chocolates in the box.

Me: Thank you for being so yummy and so willing to answer a few questions.
Chocolates: Um, are we in danger?


An Interview with Gumby

Posted by Nikki On July 27, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

gumbyHow many of you know of that green little guy who looks like he’s wearing bellbottoms? You know, the clay animated dude? Ok, Gumby, how many of you know who Gumby is?

I was having some trouble tracking Gumby down, he seems to move around a lot, mostly in a linear motion. After opening tons and I mean tons of Play-Dough containers, I found him. Gumby was kind enough to come out and let me ask him a few questions.