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Interview with a Turkey

Posted by Nikki On November 28, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Thanksgiving TurkeyEvery year, Americans sit down on the last Thursday of November to stuff their faces full of food, gain about ten pounds, and watch a parade in New York City. Our President even pardons a turkey, yes a turkey. One of this years pardoned turkeys was able to conduct the interview just after the ceremony. It was by phone, as he was already on vacation in Hawaii by the time.

Me:  Thank you for answering the phone! I’ve got a few questions for you please.
Turkey:  Gobble, gobble!

Me:  Congratulations on being one of the the pardoned turkeys for 2014!
Turkey:  Thank you! It’s nice not to be on the center of the table with golden brown skin and sitting in boiling hot gravy.

Me:  Who started this whole “Thanksgiving” thing?
Turkey:  Some people on a ship hit a rock, got stranded, found a turkey, roasted it and called it “Thanksgiving.”
(For those not familiar with the ship hitting the rock story; the Pilgrims sailed over here, found a rock, named it Plymouth, and ate some turkey)

Me:  When I cook a turkey, I give the giblets to the dog. What are giblets?
Turkey: Giblets are a strange part of the turkey. I probably shouldn’t tell you where they come from, otherwise your dog wouldn’t be very happy.

Me:  Your feathers are so nice, could I make a pillow from them?
Turkey:  How about I make a pillow using your hair! If I was not a few thousand miles away, I would chase you around the room and pull out your hair for my new pillow!


Interview with Wow Yoda

Posted by Nikki On May 21, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

BrianBeing married to Mr. Wow Yoda is pretty awesome, but what is more awesome is that I get to interview him from the comfort of my own couch. For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Wow Yoda is Brian, one of the original Crew members of Nerd Culture Podcast, and one of the biggest nerds I’ve ever met. But he’s a good egg! So, let’s see what makes Mr. Wow Yoda tick!

Me: At what age did you start playing video/computer games?
Brian: Around 3 or 4 years of age.

Me: What video game system do you like best, why?
Brian: I like the computer the best because of variety and prices. The computer is also more powerful!

Me: What makes you Mr. Wow Yoda?
Brian: The name came about when I helped David with his Paladin (making it a more efficient killer!), and other WoW stuff.


Supanova Expo Photos Day 2

Posted by David On April 29, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Hi All!

Here are some more photos from this years Supanova Expo Melbourne. This time from Day 2!

As usual, the folk at Supanova did a great job and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Just like Day 1, there was some awesome cosplay on display and this is just a handful.

Again, a huge thanks to anyone who posed for a photo, or agreed to be interviewed on NCP-TV!

P.S. If you see yourself in any of these pics please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Click More for the pics!


Interview with Michael DeSanta

Posted by Nikki On April 18, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Michael DeSantaGrand Theft Auto V, is the best GTA ever made, plain and simple. You play as three characters: Michael DeSanta/Townley, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. Personally, I believe the best character is Michael, but I can be a little biased sometimes. I was curious to see what Michael was like in person, so I travelled to Los Santos to ask him a few questions and see what he’s all about.


Interview with a Terminator

Posted by Nikki On February 13, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Thank you for reading my interview with a Terminator. For anyone who doesn’t know, a Terminator is a cyborg that has no human emotions, kills without remorse and can withstand an RPG attack. There are currently a total of 4 Terminator movies, and the first one happens to be the best. Yes it is the best, no arguing about it! The series started in 1984 and after 30 years it’s still a very popular series – it’s that awesome! Any disagreeing of these statements, will result in a Terminator being sent after you affirmative? If you want to find more information about the terminator, check out its wiki page. Ok, now to the interview!

I recently sat down with an actual Terminator, probably one the stupidest things I’ve ever done, since he probably thinks that I’m Sarah Connor and wants to kill me.