Podcast – Episode #102

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Episode #102 features:

News: SDCC is on now / RIP James Garner / Batman 75th Anniversary / Doctor Who ep 1, The Flash ep1 & Constantine ep1 all leaked / Deadpool arrested in Sydney!

Reviews: Fargo the Series / The Martian by Andy Weir / Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Contest of Champions: Buffy Summers vs X-23 vs River Tam vs Psylocke

Azerothian Times: Hearthstone – Naxxramas – Arachnid Quarter / Transmogging / Horde Chopper mount / Bo gets his Legendary Cloak / and much more!


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Meow’s Mega Bag of Swag pic!

Mega Bag of Swag

An Interview with Gumby

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gumbyHow many of you know of that green little guy who looks like he’s wearing bellbottoms? You know, the clay animated dude? Ok, Gumby, how many of you know who Gumby is?

I was having some trouble tracking Gumby down, he seems to move around a lot, mostly in a linear motion. After opening tons and I mean tons of Play-Dough containers, I found him. Gumby was kind enough to come out and let me ask him a few questions.


Podcast – Episode #101

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Episode 101

Episode #101 features:

News: Tom Taylor to write Superior Iron Man / Nicola Scott leaving DC / #FireRickRemender controversy / Female Thor / Doctor Who scripts leaked

Reviews: Our favourite ‘Bad’ movies -  Robot Monster / Manos: Hand of Fate / The Room / Troll 2

Top 5: Our Top 5 Life Lessons from the movies


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Robot Monster is on Youtube! Check it out!

* Please Note – iTunes has this episode flagged as Explicit, but it isn’t, it was a mistake when uploading it. That’s what happens when you’re too excited watching Robot Monster instead of paying attention! :)


Podcast – Episode #100

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Episode 100

Our 100th episode!

It has been a roller coaster of a journey but we made it!

Join the Crew, Crystal, Richo, Luke, Bo & your host, David, as we celebrate 100 episodes of NCP madness together :)

And we also reveal the winner of our Mega Bag of Swag Giveaway!


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Huge thanks to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far, and here’s to another 100 episodes!


OCC Melbourne Cosplay

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OCC Day 1 009Hi all!

Another great Oz Comic-Con and more awesome Cosplay. NCP was there and interviewed some amazingly talented Cosplayers (vids up soon!) and I managed to get some great pics!

If there is a pic of you, let us know :)

Hit More for the rest of the pics!