Battle Pet Tamers: Pandaria

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Welcome to another of my Battle Pet guides. This time we’ll be looking at the quest Battle Pet Tamers: Pandaria. These trainers are also available as Dailies, and are an excellent way to level your Pets.

Fight 1. Hyuna of the Shrines

The Jade Forest

Pets Needed:

Slot 1. Nexus Whelpling : Tail Sweep, Mana Surge, Arcane Storm
Slot 2. Leveling Pet
Slot 3. Any Moth : Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike, Moth Dust


SkyshaperArcane Storm, Mana Surge, Mana Surge. Skyshaper dies.

FangorMana Surge  will complete with one more go. Then switch to your leveling Pet. Fangor will Burrow so switch to the Moth. Finish him by spamming Alpha Strike.

Dor the Wall – His first attack is a Headbutt so you Cocoon Strike to block it. Moth Dust, then spam Alpha Strike until he’s dead, throwing in a Moth Dust on CD.


Podcast – Episode #64

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Episode 64

Episode #64 features:

Nerd Culture News: The X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer & 2 scripts for ID4 2

5 minute Popcorn Junkies: The Fifth Estate & Blackfish

Contest of Champions: James T Kirk vs Han Solo

Azerothian Times: Account wide Professions, Scalable Instances & Warcraft: The Movie


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Mists of Pandaria

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Welcome to a special audio WoW Yoda!

This was originally recorded for inclusion in our last podcast but cut for length. But I didn’t want it to be lost forever so I am posting it here for you all to enjoy.

So for all you WoW Yoda fans, here is the man himself! (well his voice at least :))


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Running Time: 24 mins

Ancient’s Hammer

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NCP is proud to welcome back the much loved WoW Yoda – with an Enhancement Shaman spec that will sledge your enemy into the ground!

This is once again an open ended spec because there are so many options of what you, yes you, want to do with those left over 6 points.  However, before I get ahead of myself, let’s build the ground work for this spec before we get to those juicy extra points.

The Enhancement Shaman is first and foremost a melee combatant… or so they say! Even though you may be melee, you have no, “charge” skill to get into combat fast and start wailing on your enemy.  Instead you have the better option of bringing them to you, in a not so quick method as the Death Knight, but far more punishing. The reason why I say this, is because you can set down a Searing Totem and Flame Shock the enemy, which will start your Searing Flames DoT effect and also get you ready for a delightful Lava Lash due to the Improved Lava Lash talent. If you can, try to avoid lava lashing until you have the full 5 stacks. Also, while the enemy is walking/running to you, feel free to set down an Earthbond Totem to hopefully slow them to a crawl while they try to get to you, and then finally give them some Lightning Bolts until they finally make it to you. This is where the magic really happens!


Fiery Whim spec

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Welcome to my latest Wow Yoda spec – Fiery Whim! This Fire Mage spec is all about setting as many targets ablaze as possible, and for as long as possible. This is made possible through talents such as Ignite, Blast Wave, Improved Flamestrike, Living Bomb, and Improved Fire Blast. This isn’t just about being an all area of effect talent spec either, as there is plenty of single target incandescence as well, for a well rounded Mage

Fiery Whim can cause tremendous damage over an area. I recommend starting off with using Living Bomb on 3 targets and follow up with a Blast Wave, to slow your enemies and get an additional free Flamestrike in the same spot due to Improved Flamestrike! Then continue with more Flamestrikes until your enemies get in close and hit them with either Frost Nova (for a bonus 300% chance to critically hit from Shatter), then follow with more Flamestrikes and Blastwaves, OR you could use Cone of Cold, which would have a similar effect as your Frost Nova, but with a lesser area and more damage. If you need a quick heal you could use Dragon’s Breath to disorient them all for a few seconds to use your Evocation, which with the Glyph will now heal you for 40% of your health).

Now, for single target incineration the rotation can be somewhat random, but that makes it more fun and unpredictable… just like normal fire!* However, there are a few key notes that will make enemies turn to ashes in no time at all. First, always start with a Pyroblast, if that is you are the person that gets to make the first strike. Follow that with a Fireball and continue with Scorches.  When the enemy gets close, you may chose then to use your Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, or Dragon’s Breath to keep them in one spot and continue to roast them at four hundred degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes per pound, adding the potatoes at…  sorry, wrong type of post!  I would advise to go with Frost Nova or Cone of Cold since they offer the Shatter bonus, along with your Glyph of Fireball and Glyph of Pyroblast to ensure that your enemy is Ignited for the additional 40% damage over the four seconds. The part where this gets unpredictable, is when Hotstreak and Impact kick in.

Ensure you keep your Cone of Cold and Frost Nova at the ready, as well as Ice Block in case you just recently used your Frost spells but didn’t get the effect you wanted and now have too much unwanted attention. And don’t forget about Improved Counter Spell against enemy casters.

Also, some may wonder why I haven’t included the talents Blazing Speed or Fire Power.  The explosion damage of Fire Power is nice, but it can be difficult to target enemies with it, and for only a 3% increase for 3 talents points, it is pretty useless. As for Blazing Speed, yes it is a very interesting and useful talent, however this spec’s mobility is derived from Cone of Cold and Frost Nova, (with Blink if needed).

All in all, Fiery Whim is ready to burn away any foe that you have to cross your path.

*Disclaimer:  I am in no way saying that playing with fire in real life is an ideal situation and should only be used under adult supervision.