DC to reboot Universe

Posted by David On June 1, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

The interwebs were abuzz today over the news that DC Comics will rebooting their universe, with 52 of their titles receiving brand new #1 issues.

Arising from the Flashpoint mini series by Geoff Johns, which deals with the Flash (Barry Allen) stuck in an alternate version of the DCU, the new #1 will introduce a fresher spin on classic characters of the DC Universe.

Think of it as a cross between Crisis on Infinite Earths & The Marvel Ultimate universe.

New creative teams will also be taking over from the current ones, with Grant Morrison on Batman a particular highlight for me.

Expect new costumes, continuity retconned to oblivion & John’s beloved Cyborg to become a major player. There’s even talk of Superman and Wonder Woman being an item.

I have mixed feelings about this. I am a fan of alternate reality stories, and the Marvel Ultimate universe started well, but do DC really want to do something like this? Couldn’t they have just released their own Ultimate line of comics and left the main DCU alone?

We’ll be following this very closely, with more news as it comes.

Tell what you think of all this. Excited, Angry or Don’t Care? Leave us a comment.

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