Geek Pride Day is here!

Posted by David On May 25, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Well, not only is today Towel Day, but it is also Geek Pride Day! That’s right folks, Nerds & Geeks are taking over the world!

May 25th just may be the most important day of the year – Towel Day, Geek Pride Day, release date of Star Wars (in 1977), JFK announces his goal put a “man on the Moon” before the end of the decade (in 1961) and the first recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet (in 240 BC)!

Geek Pride Day started in 2006 in Spain when 300 people showed their pride by creating a human “Pac-Man” game. In 2008 US bloggers heralded it as a holiday and yet another reason to celebrate Nerdism was born.

So put on your favourite comic character T-shirt and carry around your sack of multi-sided dice – for today is the day Geeks and Nerds unite. And for all those who may mock your right to be the lovable nerd you are, ‘I say thee nay!’

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