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New Year’s in various video game Locations

Posted by Nikki On January 11, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

2014 is here and it’s always been interesting to me to see how other countries around the world ring in the new year. So I decided to take that concept and see how various video game locations would celebrate the holiday. I took a trip in my video game time traveling contraption and saw first hand how it all goes down…


Santa Speaks

Posted by Nikki On December 18, 2013 1 COMMENT

In the spirit of the Christmas season I travelled up to the North Pole to interview the one and only Santa Claus.

I left Raleigh-Durham International Airport about 6:15am and arrived at the North Pole about 10:30pm the same night. Santa himself was there to greet me with some yummy cookies and hot chocolate!

Me: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview.
Santa: Oh, ho, ho, you’re very welcome!


Thanksgiving is fast approaching and families will be sitting down to feast, downing about a million tons of pumpkin pie, and gaining about forty pounds in weight a-piece. This year Chandra, Jace, Venser, and Koth sat down to give thanks and try to figure out what Thanksgiving is.

Chandra starts at the local supermarket shopping for a large turkey, unsuccessfully. She is used to feasting on Goblins and buying a turkey is quite confusing for her. She approaches a lady who looks like she knows how to talk turkey and asks her if she can help her find the perfect bird. The lady explains to Chandra that buying a turkey requires you to know how many people are going to eat it, if your oven is big enough, and if you can read instructions. Chandra doesn’t understand a word of this mess and leaves the lady spouting off turkey gibberish. Chandra wonders if you can cook a turkey on a spit like you do Goblins and if they taste like rotten stinky snot.


The Electric Animal Circus

Posted by David On September 11, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Hi All!

Here at NerdCulturePodcast we sometimes receive requests from people asking us to plug their topic/product. Sometimes it turns out to be something dodgy, or inappropriate for our family friendly image, but sometimes it’s something pretty cool – and the Electric Animal Circus definitely falls into that category.

According to the creator, Patrick Gleeson, ‘In a junk-punk, post-apocalyptic future an incorrigible showman and a boy genius build robotic animals from trash and make them the stars of a travelling circus.’ Intriguing yeah!

He has a website that chronicles the development of the Circus from concept to future release, featuring short films, photos, music and artwork, which can be found at:

The Electric Animal Circus

It really does look awesome, with the xylophone playing octopus my personal favourite – “Keep it simple Stratonicus!”

According to Patrick his show will be ‘geek/robot/puppetry/theatre/scifi/junk-punk/music/animatronic/circus heaven‘ and I think he may be right.

Check it out!

Some YouTube videos I like

Posted by David On July 11, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Hi Guys

I’m not the biggest fan of YouTube. Not because of the concept, that’s great, but mainly because I don’t have a lot of time spare to browse the many great videos on there and it makes me sad.

But fan of the show, Colty, was nice enough to bring a certain video to my attention that had me laughing like a loon and I have to share it with you all. So thanks so much Colty and also curse you, because thanks to you I spent a large chunk of last Sunday browsing YouTube ­čÖé

First up is the vid Colty recommended to me – ‘The Star Wars That I Used To Know‘ – Gotye ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ Parody by teddiefilms (check ’em out they’re very talented)

The next vid is one I stumbled across while browsing – the classic Weird Al Yankovic song – ‘The Saga Begins’

And finally the quite clever and sweet ‘Darth Vader in Love‘ from the Peter Serafinowicz Show