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The 87th Academy Awards Nominations

Posted by David On January 20, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

87th Academy AwardsThe nominations for the 87th Academy Awards are in and there are few surprises. Just about every nomination was predictable. I was disappointed to not see Ava DuVernay nominated for Best Director for Selma, but to be honest I’m not shocked. Racial diversity has been an issue with the Academy Awards for it’s entire history so why would it end now?

I haven’t included all of the Categories, like Writing etc. For a full list head to



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Sailor MoonMadman Entertainment are thrilled to announce the acquisition of SAILOR MOON for distribution in Australia and New Zealand on DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms!

Not only will the arrangement see the release of all 200 episodes of the original series, along with the three feature films and additional specials, but also the previously unavailable series SAILOR MOON S, SAILOR MOON SUPER S and SAILOR MOON SAILOR STARS.


Bullet Gal – The Collection

Posted by David On November 4, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Bullet GalAre you looking for an awesome new comic to spend your hard earned cash on?

Do you like well told tales with a noirish, sci-fi blend and a heroine who kicks butt and is always ready with a quip?

Do you want me to stop asking annoying & obvious questions?

Then Bullet Gal: It’s Not You, It’s Me is the book for you and it’s on Kickstarter right now!

Under Belly is a new Canadian comic book & graphic novel publishing company, dedicated to bringing you the freshest and most innovative comics from around the world. And they have teamed up with Andrez Bergen and IF? Commix in Australia in order to bring you the complete collection of Andrez’s Bullet Gal, a loving homage to hardboiled noir & sci-fi.

Regular’s to our site/podcast will know that I am a fan of Andrez’s work. He has a writing style that speaks to me. But Bullet Gal takes it one step further with its brilliant art style.

Taking cues from people like Marcel Duchamp and William Burroughs with their cut-ups, ‘found’ art and collages, and the witty photo-montage work of Terry Gilliam, the imagery used on Bullet Gal is an exercise in digital manipulation and experimentation that still remembers the tale being told, and is an absolute joy. Amazing stuff.

Bullet Gal began as a limited-edition monthly comic in Australia in August 2014, and has received international critical acclaim. The series has been compared with Frank Miller’s Sin City and Ed Brubaker’s Velvet.

Andrez has already finished the series, a 12-issue arc set to conclude in June 2015 — but Under Belly has been able to get all those 12 issues (some of them as-yet-unpublished), and compile the lot together for an exclusive 280-page collection.

I urge you to consider backing this book. I know you won’t be disappointed.


Oz Comic-Con Cosply Interviews

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Well it took a little longer longer than anticipated, but our Cosplay Interview videos from Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2014 are up!

Click here for the link!

Huge thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed. You all looked amazing and it’s always awesome to speak to such creative and wonderful people. We hope you enjoy the videos, and as always, comments are welcomed!

Hopefully we’ll have more from the upcoming Armageddon Expo, and I promise they’ll be up a lot sooner 🙂


Wastelander Panda: Exile

Posted by David On August 29, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

The fine folks over at Madman are proud to announce that WASTELANDER PANDA: EXILE, will have its Australian premiere on Saturday September 20 on iView and international premiere at Fantastic Fest, Austin TX, September 18-25. This will be followed by a digital download to own and DVD release in November and December, respectively.

Fans of fantasy and pop culture will also get a chance to catch a sneak peak at the new series when it features at Sydney’s Oz Comic-Con (Sept 13-14). A graphic novel tie-in from Gestalt Publishing will also be available in the near future.