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Fire Wall

Posted by Brian On April 5, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Here is a tanking Crusader build: Fire Wall!YUhV!acZcYa

This build raises all defenses and punishes those who want to pass through them. With this spec, the Block is like its Hot (block 100,000 damage in 10 seconds) achievement popped on the 1st group of mobs (at level 64)  within about 3-5 sec (had a level 60 shield so it only stopped a maximum of about 4,000 per hit). The best part, is right when that achievement popped, all of the enemies were dead, due to Punish-Roar. This causes all blocks to deal 45% weapon damage as fire to all enemies within 15 yards.

This is one of the main AoE damage methods of this build, but it has several more tricks up its sleeve. Whether enemies are up close and personal or are a fair distance away, and group of enemies fall quickly to Blessed Shield-Combust, due to its 33% chance to cause a fiery explosion  on its original target and its 3 ricochet victims. Plus, if you have recently hit something (doesn’t have to be an enemy) your Punish effect increases your block chance, which further increases the damage of your Blessed Shield. Then, if you want to close the gap between you and that group, or just have a single target, Shield Bash will be your next choice skill (which also gains more damage from having an increased block chance) since it deals 550% weapon damage.


Spirit Bomb

Posted by Brian On March 29, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

This is my Monk build Spirit Bomb.

This spec is actually possible as of level 48 but is detailed as a lvl 70 due to Mythic Rhythm (as the 4th passive skill).!dbci!YZbYbZ

I recommended a 2 handed weapon, and if you have any Paragon points, I highly suggest reducing casting costs and increasing your maximum Spirit (core and utility sections).

This spec constantly replenishes your massive quantity of available spirit and then releases it en masse with several explosions of light in all directions for a lot of damage. The main source of damage is Wave of Light, which costs 75 spirit. Since Monks normally have a total of 150 spirit, this would mean that only 2 castings are possible. However, this is where everything really starts to get fun for this build!

We will start with the Passives on this spec, since they are highly important. Exalted Soul automatically increases your spirit maximum by 100, giving you a total base of 250 spirit along with 2 spirit every second. Next, The Guardian’s Path will give you a bonus 35% to all spirit gains and Chant of Resonance gives additional spirit every second and reduces the cost of your Mantra ability by 50% (in this case the mantra grants you a protective shield for survival purposes).

The next part of the fun is the spirit generation. Your Way of the Hundred Fists generates 12 spirit for every hit plus an additional 40% chance to generate an additional 6 spirit (both of those numbers are base, since I’m not adding the bonus from The Guardian’s Path). Then, if you really need more spirit, you can use your Breath of Heaven, which not only heals you, but for 5 seconds after using it also gives your Way of the Hundred Fists a boost to 16 spirit for every hit. Plus, if you are surrounded by enemies and are low on spirit, your Blinding Flash takes enemies off of you for 3 seconds and gives you 7 spirit for every enemy that was blinded. This in conjunction with Mystic Ally’s activated ability which grants 100 spirit to the monk.

Using all of these skills, I have been able to perform a total of 8 consecutive Waves of Light which is a total of 600 spirit used up out of my character’s maximum pool of 258. That’s a 232.5% of my maximum spirit pool all used within about a 6-10 second period!

If you happen to be traveling alone, I recommend using the Templar as your follower, so you can get his level 20 ability Inspire, which grants an additional 10% spirit generation.

All in all this spec will keep your spirits high and your enemies in pain!

For Whom the Pickup Radius tolls

Posted by Brian On March 14, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Welcome to my first Diablo 3 build. Just like WoW, these builds are not for pinching out every last bit of DPS possible from your class, but are rather a way of making sure that you have a lot of synergism between skills and most of all, for fun!

So, without further ado, here is my Witch Doctor build, For Whom the Pickup-Radius tolls.!ZYTi!abbcZY

While playing I noticed that most players I saw seemed to always use either attack speed or critical chance/damage to throw out as much damage as possible. I however wanted my Witch Doctor to be completely different. This build is all about increasing the Doctor’s Pickup-Radius in order to make your enemies’ lives hell… err, unformed land… the way that this is done is mainly through Grave Injustice (and when the expansion RoS comes out, Piranhas and Physical Attunement). However, since it’s not out, it should look more like this (without Physical Attunement of course):!ZYTi!abbcZb

This build’s main damage will actually come from your Grasp of the Dead, Soul Harvest, and most definitely the Angry Chicken. While Spirit Walk with Umbral Shock can throw out some damage, you still also want to keep it for the just in case mob that can surround you.

My typical approach to enemies is to walk right into them, Soul Harvest, Angry Chicken, Explode (the Angry Chicken ability), then Spirit Walk (to get away). That pretty much kills all enemies in the area, which due to Grave Injustice, fully restores my health, mana, and resets all cool downs back to zero!

As for survivability, Circle of Life is a huge help, since whenever you kill an enemy (if they are within your pickup range boost) you have a 30% chance of getting a new zombie dog, or having 1 of your old zombie dogs that isn’t at full health replaced with a healthy one, which has a 15% chance of giving you a health globe. And, thanks to Gruesome Feast, that health globe gives you additional damage. This spec is a very nasty circle for your enemies, but thats just the way I like it! The unformed land will thank you later.

Stepping out into the Wasteland Part 2‏

Posted by Nikki On October 19, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

In the last post, you were left wondering if I was going to blow up Megaton or not.

Feeling perplexed, I head back to Megaton to warn the people and I’m approached by Mr. Burke at the local bar, a ‘henchman’ for Old Man Tenpenny. I talk with this shady character and in a few seconds I know that he’s complete garbage; I don’t do garbage! The people in this town deserve more than to be blown up. In the final words of his sentence, I silence Mr. Burke with my gun. I then inform Lucas Simms, Megaton’s town sheriff about the deal to blow up Megaton; he wants to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. I ask myself, is it ok for one person to decide the fate of another human> No, but sometimes you’ve got to make choices that you don’t necessarily like. I’m going to kill Tenpenny and get rid of the threat once and for all. I take a look at my Pip-Boy 3000 and fast travel to Tenpenny Tower, gain access through the front gate, march up to Tenpenny and blow him to bits by stuffing a grenade into his pocket. After doing my good deed, I step back into the tower, use my rifle, and make my way back to Megaton. I go back to Megaton and disarm the bomb so it can never be rigged again, bid the town a fond farewell, and go on my merry way.

Since my dad ran out of the vault, I’ve been trying to find him so I could ask him if he lost his mind out in the wasteland. I find my way to the area where the bombs originally fell. This area is supposedly where my dad went to find a way to make the water in the wasteland pure again. My original plan was to just to travel the wasteland and become the Lord of Death, but finding my dad seemed more important. On my way to find my dad, I ran into mole rats, super-mutants with bumper swords, and people strung out on Jet, Med-X, and Buffout. After I reach my dad, things turn really sour. I thought getting to the same building as him would be easy, wrong! There are people out there who don’t want the wasteland to have pure water, they want to capitalize on its ugliness and desolation. After fighting my way through super-mutants and raiders, I reach my dad. He’s in the control room of Project Purity; but it’s full of radiation! I didn’t come this far to see my dad and also have this whole pure water thing blow up in my face. The virus given to me by the Enclave is not going into the water! I shoot the people who are trying to make the virus happen, and I restore the water to its purist form. Unfortunately, my dad died to due to all of the radiation poisoning, but he died a hero!  Bottles of water for everyone!

For the good ending in Fallout 3, check this out:

Stepping out into the Wasteland Part 1

Posted by Nikki On September 28, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Are you familiar with Fallout 3? If not, let me enlighten you!

Fallout 3 is an action RPG takes place in the year 2277 after a nuclear war and is set mainly on the East Coast of an alternate retro-futuristic United States. Examples of this retro-futuristic look are cars that look like something from the 1950’s, music from the 1950’s, etc. You are born in Vault 101, your mom dies in childbirth, your dad opens the vault door, flees and everything goes stinky after that. After you exit the vault, the world is your irradiated oyster!

I grew up in Vault 101, born a girl, with a daddy who ran away to find some bottled water. This morning, I woke up to find myself itching to escape the Vault, which the Overseer forbids. After grabbing some stimpacks and my trusty BB gun, I open the door and leave, but not without a fight. The other vault dwellers tried convincing me to stay by shooting at me, trying to hit me with baseball bats, shouting “you better stop”, it didn’t work. I reached the control room, opened the vault door and ran like a cat after tunafish.

My first thoughts of the outside world are: it’s bright, where are my sunglasses?, & what can I shoot with my BB gun? I first look for a town, which is Megaton. Megaton is full of bloomin’ idiots who worship an atomic bomb that didn’t detonate on impact. These people stand right at the bomb, while they generate extra eyeballs and limbs, but not any brains. Along the way out of Megaton, I run into some caravans, buy a nice hunting rifle with the bottle caps I stole from the vault and go about my way. I’ve got nothing better to than wander about the wasteland and as I am wandering around I spot the Super Duper Mart on my Pip Boy 3000 and decide to do a little grocery shopping. To my chagrin, Super Duper Mart is full of raiders obsessed with CRAM, Pork n Beans and squirrel bits. Partaking in their festivities is not on my agenda, so I wander in the direction of Tenpenny Tower; a tower full of “rich” snobs who can’t even use the bathroom without a red carpet leading to the toilet. I look around, take a few items and head to the top. At the top I find Old Man Tenpenny, who looks a bazillion years old and acts like Hugh Hefner. Old Man Tenpenny is a materialistic kind of man, he wants things to be pretty and neat and he hates the sight of Megaton and wants it gone. He knows that the bomb is just sitting there, waiting to be blown up. His henchman, Mr. Burke, finds me and asks me to blow up Megaton!

My answer is……..If you want to find out what happens to Megaton and what the rest of my journey ensues, come back for the continuation of Stepping out into the Wasteland!