For Whom the Pickup Radius tolls

Posted by Brian On March 14, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Welcome to my first Diablo 3 build. Just like WoW, these builds are not for pinching out every last bit of DPS possible from your class, but are rather a way of making sure that you have a lot of synergism between skills and most of all, for fun!

So, without further ado, here is my Witch Doctor build, For Whom the Pickup-Radius tolls.!ZYTi!abbcZY

While playing I noticed that most players I saw seemed to always use either attack speed or critical chance/damage to throw out as much damage as possible. I however wanted my Witch Doctor to be completely different. This build is all about increasing the Doctor’s Pickup-Radius in order to make your enemies’ lives hell… err, unformed land… the way that this is done is mainly through Grave Injustice (and when the expansion RoS comes out, Piranhas and Physical Attunement). However, since it’s not out, it should look more like this (without Physical Attunement of course):!ZYTi!abbcZb

This build’s main damage will actually come from your Grasp of the Dead, Soul Harvest, and most definitely the Angry Chicken. While Spirit Walk with Umbral Shock can throw out some damage, you still also want to keep it for the just in case mob that can surround you.

My typical approach to enemies is to walk right into them, Soul Harvest, Angry Chicken, Explode (the Angry Chicken ability), then Spirit Walk (to get away). That pretty much kills all enemies in the area, which due to Grave Injustice, fully restores my health, mana, and resets all cool downs back to zero!

As for survivability, Circle of Life is a huge help, since whenever you kill an enemy (if they are within your pickup range boost) you have a 30% chance of getting a new zombie dog, or having 1 of your old zombie dogs that isn’t at full health replaced with a healthy one, which has a 15% chance of giving you a health globe. And, thanks to Gruesome Feast, that health globe gives you additional damage. This spec is a very nasty circle for your enemies, but thats just the way I like it! The unformed land will thank you later.

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