Stepping out into the Wasteland Part 1

Posted by Nikki On September 28, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Are you familiar with Fallout 3? If not, let me enlighten you!

Fallout 3 is an action RPG takes place in the year 2277 after a nuclear war and is set mainly on the East Coast of an alternate retro-futuristic United States. Examples of this retro-futuristic look are cars that look like something from the 1950’s, music from the 1950’s, etc. You are born in Vault 101, your mom dies in childbirth, your dad opens the vault door, flees and everything goes stinky after that. After you exit the vault, the world is your irradiated oyster!

I grew up in Vault 101, born a girl, with a daddy who ran away to find some bottled water. This morning, I woke up to find myself itching to escape the Vault, which the Overseer forbids. After grabbing some stimpacks and my trusty BB gun, I open the door and leave, but not without a fight. The other vault dwellers tried convincing me to stay by shooting at me, trying to hit me with baseball bats, shouting “you better stop”, it didn’t work. I reached the control room, opened the vault door and ran like a cat after tunafish.

My first thoughts of the outside world are: it’s bright, where are my sunglasses?, & what can I shoot with my BB gun? I first look for a town, which is Megaton. Megaton is full of bloomin’ idiots who worship an atomic bomb that didn’t detonate on impact. These people stand right at the bomb, while they generate extra eyeballs and limbs, but not any brains. Along the way out of Megaton, I run into some caravans, buy a nice hunting rifle with the bottle caps I stole from the vault and go about my way. I’ve got nothing better to than wander about the wasteland and as I am wandering around I spot the Super Duper Mart on my Pip Boy 3000 and decide to do a little grocery shopping. To my chagrin, Super Duper Mart is full of raiders obsessed with CRAM, Pork n Beans and squirrel bits. Partaking in their festivities is not on my agenda, so I wander in the direction of Tenpenny Tower; a tower full of “rich” snobs who can’t even use the bathroom without a red carpet leading to the toilet. I look around, take a few items and head to the top. At the top I find Old Man Tenpenny, who looks a bazillion years old and acts like Hugh Hefner. Old Man Tenpenny is a materialistic kind of man, he wants things to be pretty and neat and he hates the sight of Megaton and wants it gone. He knows that the bomb is just sitting there, waiting to be blown up. His henchman, Mr. Burke, finds me and asks me to blow up Megaton!

My answer is……..If you want to find out what happens to Megaton and what the rest of my journey ensues, come back for the continuation of Stepping out into the Wasteland!

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