Shadow Cities: A nerd community in a mobile MMO

Posted by Miztres On February 10, 2012 2 COMMENTS

MMO gaming is about community.  They are a chance to share an adventure with friends (or at least like-minded people) wherever you may be. Making strangers into communities that support and encourage each other is at the heart of all MMO so it’s not a surprise that the mobile MMO, Shadow Cities ( encourages mentoring and community building.

Shadow Cities (available only on Apple iOS) is a very simple game at heart.  You are a mage recruited to fight the spirits that plague human kind in the Shadowy realm one step removed from our own plane of existence.  These Shadow realms overlay a map of wherever you are located in real life using the devices GPS and Google Maps information.  Thus you find yourself battling for the defence of your own suburbs, making yourself Shadow Lord over your town.