Ancient’s Hammer

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NCP is proud to welcome back the much loved WoW Yoda – with an Enhancement Shaman spec that will sledge your enemy into the ground!

This is once again an open ended spec because there are so many options of what you, yes you, want to do with those left over 6 points.  However, before I get ahead of myself, let’s build the ground work for this spec before we get to those juicy extra points.

The Enhancement Shaman is first and foremost a melee combatant… or so they say! Even though you may be melee, you have no, “charge” skill to get into combat fast and start wailing on your enemy.  Instead you have the better option of bringing them to you, in a not so quick method as the Death Knight, but far more punishing. The reason why I say this, is because you can set down a Searing Totem and Flame Shock the enemy, which will start your Searing Flames DoT effect and also get you ready for a delightful Lava Lash due to the Improved Lava Lash talent. If you can, try to avoid lava lashing until you have the full 5 stacks. Also, while the enemy is walking/running to you, feel free to set down an Earthbond Totem to hopefully slow them to a crawl while they try to get to you, and then finally give them some Lightning Bolts until they finally make it to you. This is where the magic really happens!

By now, your Searing Totem should have it’s full stacks on the enemy. This is your chance to use Lava Lash followed by Storm Strike. Then, use Earth Shock whenever cool down permits, unless another Flame Shock is required. Elemental Devastation and Acuity should help to keep your critical hit chances at a nice high to allow Flurry to proc more often (along with the fact that we all love those big numbers floating above the enemy’s head. Also to allow more damage to continue flowing into your enemy, Lightning Shield with its friends Static Shock and Improved Shields are a must.

To assist with survival, Maelstrom Weapon and Toughness are included as well as Shamanistic Rage. This allows you to take more punishment, as well as heal a little easier when necessary. Plus, of course, Maelstrom Weapon and Storm Strike combined are always fun, due to the increased critical hit chance, which will also start up your Elemental Devastation allowing more pretty numbers to fly out of your enemy’s skull.

Here is the part where I get mad at the people who say that the last few points don’t matter, because it’s the last few points that you can really have the most fun with, or to differ your toon from other players. For example, for PvP you may want to go along with Concussion, to increase Maelstrom Weapon procs and Earth Shock damage for your Storm Strike, in conjunction with Elemental Warding, to reduce damage from enemy casters while you try to close the gap to wail on them. Perhaps you have plenty of resilience that Elemental Warding is not necessary for you? No problem, you can invest the other three points into Elemental Precision to gain further damage while boosting the chance to hit your victim as well as an additional boost to your elemental damage (which your Mastery also increases for you ^.^).  Also, of you wanted to go for a little more of a support fighter, you could get Spark of Life, Tidal Focus, and Feral Spirit. Spark of Life increases your ability to heal and be healed (good for Maelstrom Weapon), while Tidal Focus allows you to heal for less mana, and Feral Spirit will help take some of the pressure off of your friends (especially in PvP where most people will blow their cool downs to prevent the attack of your wolves).

Now, speaking of Feral Spirit, you may be wondering why it isn’t in the base talents. I have my reasons, but mainly it is because it only lasts 30 seconds for a 2 minute cool down. It does decent damage, but in my case I’d rather choose to use the point to increase either continuous damage with Elemental Precision, or increased protection with Elemental Warding.

However, if you are the type that has to have your Feral Spirit regardless (don’t worry, I won’t think any less of you <smiles>) then you can always go for that along with Concussion and Reverberation (for increased spell damage and decreased shock spell cool downs). You could also go with Convection (for decreased mana consumption) and either Call of Flame (to increase damage of Searing Totem and Searing Flames), Elemental Warding (to decrease spell damage), or Elemental Precision (to increases spell damage and spell hit).

Weapon Enchants – I recommend the use of Flame Tongue Weapon and Windfury Weapon to help pummel your foe.


Prime: Windfury Weapon, Lava Lash, & Storm Strike
Major: Lightning Shield, Shamanistic Rage, & Hex
Minor: Free pick!

What do you think of my suggestions? Any comments welcome, just leave a comment below.

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