Beat the Celestial Tournament part 1

Posted by David On December 10, 2013 2 COMMENTS

Welcome to part 1 of my Celestial Tournament guide. Please Note: This is revision 2.0, as I have made some changes to the Dr Ion Goldbloom & Lorewalker Cho battles.

The Celestial Tournament is a special Battle Pet Scenario held on the Timeless Isle, Pandaria.

There is plenty of information about the Tournament itself on the interwebs, so I’ll only list the basics here and then focus on how to actually beat the Trainers and Celestial Children of the Tournament.

You start the Tournament by speaking to Master Li. Make sure you have at least 15 level 25 battle pets. You wont be able to start the Tournament without that many and to be honest it’s a good idea because you’ll need a bit of variety to win.

– You can change your team and their skills between fights.
– Leaving the Tournament instance means that you lose your progress and need to start again from the beginning.
– The Tournament is a weekly event. The Stage 1 Legendary Trainers will change, but the Stage 2 Legendary Children remain the same.

The most important thing to remember though, is that you can’t heal your pets between fights! So make sure all of your pets are healed before you enter the Tournament!

There is a way to heal them if you absolutely have to but it is very time consuming and annoying – you’ll need a healer pet, start a fight with it, heal as your first move, and forfeit the fight. There is no 10% HP loss for forfeiting so you can rinse and repeat this tactic to heal the pet you need in a pinch.

All Battle Pet fights have a degree of random misses and there is no way to combat that, but after weeks of trial and error I have completed the Celestial Tournament multiple times using these exact strategies and am now confident enough to share them with all of you. I hope you enjoy 🙂

This fight includes Dr. Ion Goldbloom, Lore Walker Cho & Sully ‘The Pickle’ Mcleary.

Like in my previous Battle Pet guide, Feel free to swap out any of the pets for their equivalents, ie Crow for Gilnean Raven, any Mechanical instead of Blue Clockwork Rocket, and any Undead pet with Curse of Doom for Unborn Valkyr.

P.S. Comments welcome! If you have used the guide successfully and want to share I’d love to hear about it! Or if you notice something isn’t working for you please let me know and I’ll look into it and correct it asap!

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Level a Pet from 1 to 23 in 5 Fights

Posted by David On December 7, 2013 3 COMMENTS

This is my daily Battle Pet leveling routine, and is what got me the Achievement Pro Pet Mob pretty quickly.

It is a mixture of strats I found on the web and my own experience.

The beauty of following this guide means that not only do you get a level 23 Battle Pet for only 20 minutes work, but you also have a chance to get a Pandaren Spirit pet from the respective Pandaren Spirit fights!

NOTE 1: Ensure that you are wearing your Safari Hat for max XP.***
NOTE 2: Feel free to swap out any of the pets for their equivalents, ie Crow for Gilnean Raven, any Mechanical instead of Blue Clockwork Rocket, or almost any Arcane pet instead of Nordrassil Wisp. For the Whispering Pandaren Spirit fight, almost any Dragons will do. If you don’t have 2 Dragons almost any other pet type will work, except Aquatic!
NOTE 3: You will need a level 25 Rabbit with >300 Speed for the Thundering Pandaren Spirit fight. The best candidates are just over 300 speed, which is fast enough, while maximising the other stats. If hunting for the correct breed is not your thing, you can also use a Spring Rabbit, which will have enough speed even at uncommon rarity and is very easy to acquire.

*** Before we start I just want to mention the Pet Treat & Lesser Pet Treats. These are drops from the Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies bags that you get from defeating the legendary Beats of Fable dotted around Pandaria. They increase your pet XP by 50% & 25% respectively for a 1 hour duration. If you can get a hold of some of these before you do this strat you don’t need to do fight 5 because your pet should be level 25 by the end of fight 4! Highly recommended.

To start, head to Mistfall Village in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.