Level a Pet from 1 to 23 in 5 Fights

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This is my daily Battle Pet leveling routine, and is what got me the Achievement Pro Pet Mob pretty quickly.

It is a mixture of strats I found on the web and my own experience.

The beauty of following this guide means that not only do you get a level 23 Battle Pet for only 20 minutes work, but you also have a chance to get a Pandaren Spirit pet from the respective Pandaren Spirit fights!

NOTE 1: Ensure that you are wearing your Safari Hat for max XP.***
NOTE 2: Feel free to swap out any of the pets for their equivalents, ie Crow for Gilnean Raven, any Mechanical instead of Blue Clockwork Rocket, or almost any Arcane pet instead of Nordrassil Wisp. For the Whispering Pandaren Spirit fight, almost any Dragons will do. If you don’t have 2 Dragons almost any other pet type will work, except Aquatic!
NOTE 3: You will need a level 25 Rabbit with >300 Speed for the Thundering Pandaren Spirit fight. The best candidates are just over 300 speed, which is fast enough, while maximising the other stats. If hunting for the correct breed is not your thing, you can also use a Spring Rabbit, which will have enough speed even at uncommon rarity and is very easy to acquire.

*** Before we start I just want to mention the Pet Treat & Lesser Pet Treats. These are drops from the Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies bags that you get from defeating the legendary Beats of Fable dotted around Pandaria. They increase your pet XP by 50% & 25% respectively for a 1 hour duration. If you can get a hold of some of these before you do this strat you don’t need to do fight 5 because your pet should be level 25 by the end of fight 4! Highly recommended.

To start, head to Mistfall Village in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Fight 1. Aki the Chosen

Pets Needed:

Slot 1. Anubisath Idol : Crush, Sandstorm, Deflection
Slot 2. Gilnean Raven : Alpha Strike, Call Darkness, Nocturnal Strike
Slot 3. Leveling Pet


Chirrup – Start with Anubisath Idol. Just spam Crush until he’s down. There is no need to Sandstorm, as the damage from Swarm is negligible, and it’s not worth gaining the reduced hit chance. Save your Sandstorm for Stormlash.

Stormlash – First he’s going to cast Call Lightning. Use Deflection. Next use Sandstorm. Now, just spam Crush until he’s dead. You may miss a couple times, but so will he, so it’s worth the trade off. If he gets Call Lightning out again, just mitigate with Deflect and re-apply Sandstorm. When he dies, switch to the leveling pet.

Whiskers – It only needs to be in for one round, so as soon as Whiskers Dives, switch back to Anubisath Idol to soak the damage from Dive. If Idol is still alive use Sandstorm, if not switch to your Raven. Call Darkness and Nocturnal Strike and then spam Alpha Strike until he’s dead.

New Battle Pet Level = 11

Fly to Serpent’s Spine and take the taxi to Soggy’s Gamble in the Dreadwastes.

Fight 2. Flowing Pandaren Spirit

Pets Needed:

Slot 1. Gilnean Raven : Alpha Strike, Call Darkness, Nocturnal Strike
Slot 2. Anubisath Idol : Crush, Sandstorm, Deflection
Slot 3. Leveling Pet


Marley – Start off with Call Darkness, he’s going to hit you with Whirlpool. Your second attack is Nocturnal Strike, he’s going to Dive. Pass. When Dive resolves, so will Whirlpool, so you might be low in health. From here just spam Alpha Strike. You should be able to squeeze in one additional Nocturnal Strike before Darkness goes.

Tiptoe – will usually start with Tidal Wave, so use the Raven as far as you can into the fight and when it goes down, switch to Anubisath Idol. Start with Sandstorm, it will negate the damage from the Tidal Wave for your team. From here, spam Crush until he’s dead, re-applying Sandstorm if needed.

Pandaren Water Spirit  – Her first move is Whirlpool, this is where you pet switch to your level pet. She will cast Geyser. Once the round resolves, flip back to Anubisath (the leveling pet just has to persist through one round, it doesn’t even have to do anything). Crush or Sandstorm, if it is up. You will have 1 round left before Whirlpool and Geyser resolve so its Deflection time (it will negate all that damage)! She will re-apply her Whirlpool and Geyser and spam Tidal Wave but you continue to spam Crush and Sandstorm on CD. If you need to Deflection again do so but she should be dead by then.

New Battle Pet Level = 16

Head back to Soggy’s Gamble and take the taxi to Longying Outpost, Townlong Steppes.

Fight 3. Burning Pandaren Spirit

Pets Needed:

Slot 1. Anubisath Idol : Crush, Sandstorm, Deflection
Slot 2. Leveling Pet
Slot 3. Nordrassil Wisp : Beam, Flash, Soul Ward


Crimson – Cast Crush; enemy will use Cyclone. Then cast Sandstorm. The enemy will Lift Off this turn, preventing you from hitting them, but this turns the weather to Sandstorm, which largely mitigates the damage from Cyclone. Cast Deflection. This will block the damage from Lift Off coming down. From now on, do nothing but spam Crush. Do not use Sandstorm. However, use Deflection if he casts Lift Off (which will only happen if you have an unusually large number of misses).

Pandaren Fire Spirit – He’ll Conflagrate the first turn; use Deflection on the first turn to prevent this. On the second turn, use Sandstorm (to mitigate the damage from Immolate). From this point on, spam Crush.

Glowy – Bring out your leveling pet and attack once (if Sandstorm is coming off CD, wait the extra turn, use it, then do the swap). After your level pet has survived an attack, swap in Nordrassil Wisp to finish him off (Idol works too, but a Magic pet can finish the fight much faster).

New Battle Pet Level = 19

Head back to Longying Outpost and take the taxi to Binan Village, Kun-Lai Summit.

Fight 4. Thundering Pandaren Spirit

Pets Needed:

Slot 1. Rabbit : Flurry, Dodge, Burrow
Slot 2. Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot : Missile, Toxic Smoke, Sticky Grenade
Slot 3. Leveling Pet

Pandaren Earth Spirit – Start with your Rabbit:

1. Flurry. Enemy will Crystal Prison (but as a Critter you will be immune to it).
2. Dodge. Enemy will Rupture.
3. Flurry. Enemy will Stone Shot.
4. Burrow. Enemy will Stone Shot twice. When Burrow resolves you will soak the 2nd one.
5. Flurry. Enemy will Stone Shot.
6. Flurry. Enemy will Crystal Prison. Enemy possibly dead here, but if not continue.
7. Dodge Enemy will Rupture.
8. Flurry. Enemy will Stone Shot. The Spirit will probably be dead by this point, but if not, start again with Flurry for rounds 9 & 10 then Burrow on round 11-12; repeating the above strat until the Earth Spirit is dead.

Sludgy – When Sludgy comes out, switch to your Mechanical (in this case Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot). Sticky Grenade, Toxic Smoke, then spam Missile. Your Bot will most likely die before Sludgy goes down but that’s ok because Sludgy should also be quite low (~100 HP). Switch to your leveling Pet (which should be at least level 19 by this point) and finish him off.

Darnak the Tunnler – Time to bring your rabbit back in. Following the steps below will let you cruise to victory, without your Rabbit taking any damage!

1. Darnak will do Stoneskin when you bring your Rabbit back in.
2. Flurry. Darnak will Burrow
3. Dodge, (which not only avoids the Burrow….
4. Flurry, ….but also the following Stone Rush!)
5. Flurry (this is a free shot round, Darnak doesn’t do anything!)
6. Burrow. Darnak will Stone Rush.

Now rinse and repeat your way to victory!

New Battle Pet Level = 22

Mount up and fly due east to Exclamation Point in the Jade Forest.

Fight 5. Whispering Pandaren Spirit

Pets Needed:

Slot 1. Leveling Pet
Slot 2. Emerald Whelpling : Emerald Bite, Moonfire, Tranquillity
Slot 3. Dark Whelpling : Tail Sweep, Roar, Deep Breath

Dusty – Start with your leveling Pet. Once it has survived 1 round switch to the Emerald Whelpling. Tranquillity then Moonfire then spam Emerald Bite until dead. Tranquillity on CD (Dusty will Cocoon Strike after every Moth Dust, so time your Tranquility for then, so as not to waste a turn). If Moth Dust ever puts your Whelp to sleep, swap to your leveling pet for 1 attack, then swap back. Do not use your Dark Whelpling if you can help it.

Whispertail – Continue with Emerald Whelpling. Repeat strat from Dusty (remembering to Tranquillity on CD). If your Emerald Whelpling dies switch to your Dark Whelpling.

Pandaren Air Spirit – You will probably be on your Dark Whelpling by now so Roar, then spam Tail Sweep until the Spirit is dead.

New Battle Pet Level = 23

If you want to keep going you can try defeating some of the other trainers dotted around Pandaria but here is where my guide ends.


Credit to Elfuego for the Aki & Flowing Spirit strats (and the idea for this guide), Sirinad for the Burning Spirit strat & JJanchan for the Thundering Spirit strat. You all rock J


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