The title of this post comes from a comment by the awesome Larry on the latest episode (#88) of NonCanonical, a weekly comic podcast. It is the culmination of a running gag from the preceding episodes dealing with the ‘creative’ forces behind Marvel Comics at the moment, and is pure comedy gold. In fact, it is so awesome that I laughed out loud on the train and immediately decided that I had to post about it, and the show, here.

As I mentioned NonCanonical is a weekly podcast from Australia that focuses on comics. It features News, reviews (The Pull List) & a featured topic discussion (like our War Room). It has a rotating roster but is mainly hosted by Josh, Joe, Larry & Kane. I have been listening to it since episode #4, when Jarrod and Looch from Classic Comics got me onto it, and have loved it ever since. It is a great mix of comedy and informed opinion and has steered me in the direction of some great comics. I don’t always agree with some of their opinions, but they always have valid arguments for them and that is what makes listening to them so enjoyable.

We also feature comic based content on here, and I’m especially proud of our coverage of DC’s the New 52, but their entire focus is on comics and they cover items we simply don’t have the time or resources to. Not only that, but Their show entertains me every Monday morning on the way to the start of a new working week, so for that alone they should be thanked. And lets face it, everyone needs a Larry in their lives!

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