Beat Christoph VonFeasel

Posted by David On June 13, 2015 ADD COMMENTS

christoph vonfeaselDuring the Darkmoon Faire, aspiring Battle Pet Trainers can do a daily fight against two Master Trainers for prizes and fame. My guide for Jeremy Feasel can be found here.

Here is my guide for his companion, Christoph VonFeasel.

Pets Needed:

Slot 1. Any Fox : Flurry, Howl, Dazzling Dance
Slot 2. Iron Starlette : Windup, Powerball, Supercharge
Slot 3. Leveling Pet  (or Elekk Plushie if going for the Achievement)

Notes: Any Fox is fine, but it’s Speed must be > 270


Syd – Start with the Fox and Dazzling Dance. Then Howl. Then spam Flurry until Syd dies. Mr Pointy will come in.

Mr PointyHowl. Your Fox will probably die at this point. Even if it doesn’t, swap to Iron Starlette. Windup x 2. Mr Pointy dies. Swap to your Leveling Pet as Otto comes in.

Otto – Do not attack with your Leveling Pet. Immediately swap back to Iron Starlette. Windup then Supercharge. Finish with Windup for victory.


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