Podcast – Episode#127

Posted by David On January 25, 2015 4 COMMENTS

Episode #127 – 2 episodes for the price of 1 (which is free)!

Part 1 features:

News: X-Files to return to TV / the end of the 616 Marvel Universe? / Adam Baldwin at Supanova Expo

Reviews: Time and Time Again / Star Trek/Planet of the Apes / Birdman

Contest of Champions 2.0: Street Fighter Division Round 1: X-23 vs Robin (Damien)

Azerothian Times: David’s getting a 10th Anniversary statue! / bored with WoW / Raiding woes / Blackrock Foundry Raid release schedule


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Part 2 features:

Interviews: Michael Pare & James ‘Angry Video Game Nerd’ Rolfe


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4 Responses so far.

  1. WoW Yoda says:

    In this scenario with the freezer, X-23 would know what he was trying to do if he goes into the meat locker. The tracker in her, in my opinion, would know what he is trying to do, and I think that she would lock him in that freezer. He freezes to death, bye Damien!

  2. David David says:

    I see what you’re saying, and I agree, but the traps he was leading her into before the freezer were meant to disorientate her enough so that she wouldn’t be thinking that clearly.

    But in saying that, I do agree that X-23 has this fight. As soon as Damien got within range he was toast.

    We’re getting some cool responses on Facebook and it’s early to tell but it does look to be swinging Laura’s way. We’ll announce the official winner soon. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Randall Stevens says:

    I cannot wait to see Plan 9, that movie is going to be epic. I already have my pre-order: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/horror/plan-9/673915/

    • David David says:

      Thanks for the comment Randall!

      Anyone interested in checking out Plan 9, feel free to use Randall’s link to pre-order it 🙂


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