Contest of Champions Reborn!

Posted by David On January 21, 2015 2 COMMENTS

Hi All!

Last year we mentioned that we would be overhauling the way Contest of Champions works.

Crew Member Brian (WoW Yoda) is probably CoC’s biggest fan, and he has been asking (cough, hassling, cough) me to change CoC to a ladder system for some time now. And I thought now was a good time to start!

So welcome to Contest of Champions 2.0!

There are 2 Divisions – Street Fighters & Heavy Hitters. The Street Fighters are what Marvel Comics refers to as the ‘street level heroes’. People like Batman, Wolverine etc. Whereas the Heavy Hitters are the Superman level characters.

There will be 7 Rounds per Division, in an 8 Fighter Single Elimination format.

I have selected the combatants (some randomly, some specifically) and we will be pitting them against each other every second episode, starting with episode #127.

We will reveal the combatants at the end of each battle, and on our Facebook page –

And the best thing about Contest of Champions 2.0 is that we want you guys to be involved! When we post the combatants for that Round on our Facebook page, tell us who you think will win, and why, and we’ll mention that on the show, incorporating your idea into the battle! This is going to be epic!

Each battle will take place in the same arena, an 1800 x 1800 feet cube (about 4 city blocks of 450 feet by 450 feet), filled with typical city stuff (buildings, warehouses, shops, cars), covered by a forcefield reaching up 700 km. No civilians are present.

So let’s get started. Street Fighters DivisionRound #1X-23 versus Robin (Damien Wayne)

Who do YOU think will win?

Damien V X-23

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  1. B1ack Sword says:

    I’m sorry Damien but X-23 has this one in the bag.

    Although Robin is a trained fighter, its hard to ignore that X-23 is a stone cold killer and the most this young boy wonder is going to do is stain her outfit by bleeding on her.

    If anything X-23 would take it easy so that she can recover faster for the next battle.

    The battle’s climax will be reached with X throwing the battered body of Damien off a building’s roof top only for her own amusement answering the question if this bird can really fly.

    Nope … splat.

    Game set and match X-23.

  2. David David says:

    That is an awesome response! Poor Damien…:)

    Thanks B1ack Sword!

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