How I Met Your Mother Review

Posted by Cameron On December 6, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

himym2Time for a change of pace! Instead of reviewing an anime or a movie this week, I’m going to be reviewing the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. This is a great series with loveable characters, memorable moments, and the rebirth of iconic phrases. However, as much as I do enjoy this show, there is one thing about it that bugs me pretty badly…but I’ll get to that.

How I Met Your Mother has some of the funniest, loveable, and clever characters. There’s Ted Mosby, who is the main protagonist of the series, who, while searching for his soul mate, is also trying to decide if he’s best friends with Marshall or Barney. There’s Robin Sherbatsky, who is a Canadian-born pop star turned news anchor. There’s Barney Stinson, who is the ‘player’, and ultimate bro of the group. And then there’s Lily and Marshall Eriksen, the married couple of the group. Marshall and Lily are usually the ones who can cause drama, but are also the ones who keep everyone calm.

A lot of memorable things have come from this series, such as Slapsgiving, The Bro Code, The Playbook, The Slutty Pumpkin, and even a few musical numbers. Slapsgiving comes from something called a ‘slap bet’, in which Barney makes a bet with Marshall about who knows what, and bets 8 slaps. Barney lost the bet, which means Marshall was allowed to slap Barney as hard as possible whenever he wanted, and however he wanted to. The Bro Code and The Playbook are two books that Barney wrote to both pick up women, and to keep peace and harmony between all bros. The Slutty Pumpkin is a woman that Ted met one night at a Halloween party, and hadn’t seen since. He dressed up the same every year for Halloween, hoping she would return. She doesn’t.

Now, it’s time for the part that bugs me about this show…the last season. The entirety of season 9 was a disappointment. I hate to sound harsh, but I mean it when I say that season 9 of How I Met Your Mother was garbage. The only thing that happened that was actually worth watching was the episode of how Marshall used his final slap against Barney. The rest of the season was just a bunch of episodes that seemed to try to stall us until the last episode. And the worst part is, the last episode isn’t even good! It feels sloppy and rushed. However, I did enjoy seeing Barney become a more mature person over the series, and season 9 really emphasized on that, especially in the last few episodes. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the last episode, but just know that it was not good at all. In fact, I wish I had just stopped watching at season 8, because I would have liked that ending a lot more.

I love this series, I really do. And it kind of hurts to be so harsh on it. But I simply cannot allow this show to get away with the last season like it tried to do. While the last season may be terrible, there are 8 other seasons full of hilarious episodes. So I still give this show a high recommendation. That’s why I a giving How I Met Your Mother 4/5 Lukes.

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