Podcast – Episode #119

Posted by David On November 30, 2014 5 COMMENTS

Episode #119 – 2 episodes for the price of 1!

Part 1 features:

News: Star Wars Episode 7 teaser trailer / Jurassic World trailer / RIP Phillip Hughes

Reviews: Nightcrawler / The Babadook

Special: Is Indiana Jones even needed for the plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark to work?

Contest of Champions: He-Man VS Conan the Barbarian


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Part 2 features:

Azerothian Times: Warlords of Draenor


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  1. Just another feat of strength from He-Man … in one episode, he pushed one of Eternia’s moons back into orbit while standing on a Wing Raider.

    He is thus stronger than physics itself. 😉

    • David David says:

      Hi Robert! Well, he is The Most Powerful Man in the Universe!

      Thanks for commenting dude, great to hear from you.

      What did you think of the Star Wars trailer?


      • Well, I am interested, so it was a successful teaser. Of course, it could have been a teaser of Harrison Ford reading the phone book aboard the Falcon and I might just fap. But the Lucas Special Edition of the teaser made me roll.

        Like many I found the lightsaber silly, though I seem to be the lone voice defending the speedy ball droid.

        Quoting from elsewhere:

        I don’t understand why people are so upset about the droid. Technically such a thing is a genius concept, thinking here along Segway lines.

        A set of rollers maglocked inside the ball (or just the head maglocked to the ball itself) and it is golden. Way more realistic and plausible than R2’s flying jets, and more useful for terrain than the similar-to-the-head-size black RC car messenger droids on the Death Star.

        I would take it over a Treadwell any day if I just needed a droid that *goes* on Tatooine.

  2. Jason says:

    Re: Star Wars teaser lens flare.

    There certainly is lens flare!! When the Millenium Falcon is flying into the sun away from the camera. But the lens flare is so natural because the source of the lens flare is in the shot you don’t notice it.

    Go to 1:04.

  3. Crystal says:

    Thanks for your comment, Jason. You’re right I didn’t notice that lens flare at the end (too busy looking at the Falcon). I’m happy to let that one pass. If it looks natural enough not to be noticed, then I’m happy with that. It’s the lens flare that cuts across people’s faces that annoys.

    Cheers 🙂

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