Podcast – Episode #96

Posted by David On June 15, 2014 1 COMMENT

Episode #96 features:

News: RIP Rik Mayll / Vincent D’onofrio cast as Kingpin for Daredevil TV show / Powers TV show on Sony PSN / DC Comics/Warner Bros movie line up rumoured to be announced at SDCC

Reviews: Edge of Tomorrow / Left Hand Path

Contest of Champions: Race of Champions: The Flash vs Quicksilver vs Sonic the Hedgehog

App Happy: Launchpad by Novation

Azerothian Times: Still no damn Darkmoon Eye! / the Azerothian Choppers Winner / Ben Foster reveals his role as Medivh

Coming Soon: In Australian cinemas June 19th we get 22 Jump Street, Ernest & Celestine, Galore, The Two Faces of January & How to Train Your Dragon 2


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