Missile Storm

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deiv_diablo3_demon_hunterI present to you my Demon Hunter spec – Missile Storm

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This spec is all about throwing damage in every direction, and it does its job well! This spec will have your Demon Hunter firing rockets in every direction to take down its enemies. The main thing to keep in mind is to keep an eye on where your enemies’ locations are, so you can take full advantage of Steady Aim.

Evasive Fire will help the Demon Hunter keep their distance from enemies, especially along with Vault tagging along with it. To further increase survivability, Blood Vengeance allows the Demon Hunter to gain more of their resources whenever they heal, which means more Vaults and Evasive Fire back flips.

It is easy to guess that the real meat of this build is Ballistics, since four of the six abilities all launch rockets. Sentry should be one of the first abilities that is used for a battle, so that way you can start to getting to a total of three turrets (due to having Custom Engineering) to allow for a massive amount of damage on your enemies.

Positioning is the key for this build. Strafe excels at manoeuvring enemies into a position, especially that of a cluster, which is hugely beneficial to your Hunter. Speaking of clusters, Cluster Arrow can deal massive amount of damage to a group of enemies. Not only that, but four rockets will also come out of this attack, dealing further damage.

Lastly, under the most dire of circumstances, Vengeance can be used to take down all threats in an area. Along with the powerful rockets that are fired from Vengeance, the Seethe rune will also help to build additional hatred to fuel strafing to gather enemies, and then launch a devastating Cluster Arrow.

The greatest aspect of this build, is that no matter where enemies go, the rockets will always find them. This prevents any wasted attacks and ensures a lot of damage to any enemy in the area.

Credit: Art by Deiv Calviz

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