Bottle Fury

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diablo 3 barbarianWelcome to my Barbarian spec – Bottle Fury

Click here for the spec!

This is the perfect combat medic build for a Barbarian. This build is designed to heal itself, and party members, while constantly dealing a massive amount of damage to enemies. For this to work the Barbarian will need a fairly high critical hit chance but the reward is very well worth it.

This build functions on having a high critical hit. With this high critical hit chance, not only is damage increased but also so do the chances of gaining health globes. Battle Rage, with the Swords to Ploughshares rune, will give up to an 8% chance for health globes to drop. When this is combined with Hammer of the Ancients – Birthright (critical hits have a 10% chance of dropping a health globe) there is a very high chance on every critical hit to gain 1 or even 2 health globes. Also, Ground Stomp- Jarring Slam has a 10% chance for every enemy affected to drop a health globe as well as stunning them for 4 seconds. Also, if your critical hit needs a boost, Overpower- Killing Spree and Klingon Ripoff, err i mean, Revenge-Best Served Cold, are there to give you a further boost of 16% additional chance to critically hit.

Most of the survivability of this build has already been covered, however there is still more for good measure. The passives in this build are all about helping to keep you safe (even though Animosity is a bit of a stretch). Pound of Flesh increases all healing you receive from all health globes, even if a friendly player picks it up. Superstition reduces all magic damage you take and can give you additional Fury whenever you get hit by a magic source. However, Relentless is the ace in the hole for this build. If you happen to get below 35% life, your skills (only 1 but for a good reason) cost 75% less and you take 50% less damage. Also, if you begin to get surrounded by too many foes, Cleave-Scattering Blast will knock the pesky ankle biters 10 yards away from you.

This is where we get to the main part of the build: Hammer of the Ancients. This is your damage dealer and healer. This Hammer, in addition to doing a lot of damage to a small area (but still an AoE) has a chance to drop health globes on every critical hit and has a 1% increase in chance to critical for every 5 Fury that you have. Assuming that you have only the 100 base fury and the 20 from Animosity, that is an additional 24% bonus chance to critical hit right off of the bat. If this is included with Overpower and Revenge, that becomes a 40% bonus chance to critical (at least it should if there aren’t any diminishing returns from these types of bonuses).

The only other thing that will help your Barbarian (but isn’t required) is to increase the amount of Pickup Radius, especially if playing solo. Then, when the health globes start to appear, you can use the Scattering Blast from Cleave and Ground Stomp to manoeuvre to the health globes when you start to run low on health. Or you may want to try and get Relentless instead to try and cause more globes to appear, and then collect them. Either way, you are gonna be topped up by the end of the battle!

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