Aether Tempest

Posted by Brian On April 16, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Diablo 3This build deals lightning damage to as many enemies as possible, and in practically every situation perceivable!

Click here for the build!

Usually when I create these builds, my goal is to make sure that I can hit as many possible enemy ‘formations’ as possible. Meaning whether enemies walk at me from a straight line (coming toward me), surrounding me, herding toward me, running from me, or even hiding behind something. This spec can hit ALL of them without any problem and has a chance to stun them to boot!

I will go over survival first this time, since it is generally the most important. Nobody wants to lose their hard earned gold by having a huge repair bill from either damage or dying. Therefore, this spec has 2 different spells to help with this. Mirror Image can help take the damage focus from you and place it on your two little clones while they also throw spells at your enemies which deal a decent amount of damage. Also Black Hole can be used to not only get yourself out of a sticky situation, but also to retaliate and deal massive amount of damage in the process. Even better, is that these two spells go hand in hand, because the Mirror Images can actually cast Black Hole too! As for the passive skills, Paralysis and Evocation do their job well in helping prevent damage to your Wizard by stunning your enemies and reducing the cool downs on your two survival skills. However, in the event that your Wizard does take damage, the enemy will be rewarded with a blast of lightning. Even if they don’t hit you, they can still be rewarded with a blast of lightning!

Now lets get to the damage part. If you don’t have a decent amount of critical hit chance, I would recommend the Chain Lightning rune instead due to its ability to hit 10 targets. I however chose Forked due to the fact that it can hit several different targets (if you have a high enough critical hit chance) with more potential to stun. Either way, they are both great options not only for damage to multiple targets, but also for the Prodigy ability since it’s a very fast casting spell. It will also allow you to release your lightning charges from your Energy Twister ability. The Storm Chaser rune allows the Wizard to build up to three charges (one for every cast) and then release them with their Primary skills dealing a great amount of lightning damage to enemies in a line. Plus, the Energy Twisters like to roam around, which normally you wouldn’t want since you have no control of them, however this actually helps in scenarios where a herd of enemies is in front of you, dealing damage to a good amount of them. Arcane Orb with the Spark rune lobs an orb over your enemies’ heads dealing damage to those that are under it, and those at the impact zone. This allows it to deal damage over those pesky waller affix monsters as well as those hiding behind certain terrain that blocks player movement. Not only that, but it also increases the damage of your next cast lightning spell based on the number of enemies that it hit.

Another thing that can plague Wizards is losing their arcane power. With this spec, this resource is replenished quickly with Astral Presence and Prodigy. Prodigy gives you more arcane power whenever you cast your Electrocute spell, and Astral Presence gives more arcane power every second as well as an increased resource pool. However, if you don’t feel this is enough arcane power restored, ElectrocuteSurge of Power can be used instead to further the amount of power gained per cast.

This spec can throw out a lot of damage in very different ways for any situation. This allows you to be a very potent damage dealer, while still keeping alive!

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