Sniper Monk spec

Posted by Brian On February 23, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

This is my Sniper Monk spec.

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This build is designed to devastate your enemies from afar without as much as a scratch. The main few abilities that are used are the Spinning Fire Blossom and Crackling Jade Lightning. So, this spec will not be usable until level 54, but it is hilarious to watch, and even funnier to play. Ascension will be a very big help, due to increasing the amount of chi you can have to 5 and your energy regeneration too by 15%. Chi Wave can also be used to get in some damage and some healing as well in case your enemy uses a ranged attack.

The strategy behind this spec is to use Crackling Jade Lightning and Spinning Fire Blossom to keep your enemy rooted while taking damage from the lightning. So, don’t worry about cancelling your channel of the lightning to recast another Fire Blossom (especially since the initial cast of the lightning is free, so over time, it can actually be better to cancel anyway). Also, remember, the fire blossom deals 50% more damage also being greater than 10 yards away when it does its root, so win-win situation there too! If you have several assailants, do not worry, because I have used this spec at a range with up to 3 targets and been fine. Charging Ox Wave will stun the extras while you continue to work on your primary target, and just keep throwing those Fire Blossoms while channeling your Lightning during free moments, and throw out Chi Waves when you can.  Paralysis can also be used to take 1 enemy out of commission, so long as you don’t hit it with a Blossom by accident. If they get to close, there is nothing to worry about, because every hit on you while channelling your lightning causes the enemy to be knocked back. This allows you to use Roll (or Chi Torpedo) to get away and continue your barrage of Blossoms and Lightning.

To further help your survivability, Healing Elixers and Touch of Karma are a huge boon. You gain healing whenever you take a drink from any brew, and also if you happen to take damage below 35% life (hasn’t happened to me, but good to have just in case). Celerity allows for an additional roll/torpedo and reduces cool down by 5 secs. If your enemies getting too close on you for comfort, simply use your Fists of Fury, and follow that up with Touch of Karma, and then roll/torpedo and then use more Blossoms and Lightning. Also, you don’t have to worry about the lay of the land, due to Water Roll, and this can actually be a handy tactic to slow down your enemy using a river since you can roll right over it, while they swim through.

And in case you die (fat chance) you have Spirit Roll, so you can get back to your corpse faster.

Otherwise, just try to keep your distance between 10 and 40 yards and keep attacking with the Lightning and Blossoms!

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