New Year’s in various video game Locations

Posted by Nikki On January 11, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

2014 is here and it’s always been interesting to me to see how other countries around the world ring in the new year. So I decided to take that concept and see how various video game locations would celebrate the holiday. I took a trip in my video game time traveling contraption and saw first hand how it all goes down…

Mushroom Kingdom:

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Daisy all celebrated 2014 together by hoisting a Goomba up the flag pole and dropping him down at midnight. Delicious food consisted of turtle pies and fire flower cocktails.

Los Santos:

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor invite me to wreck a few cars, play some Care Bears in Space, then watch the ball drop in the local park.


Link and Zelda threw a party and invited everyone but Ganondorf, who was fuming at not being included. Milk was flowing from Lon Lon Ranch and rupees were spent on Cucco dodging. At midnight the crowd gathered to watch a Goron drop. (A special thanks to Wow Yoda for helping me with this location).

Left 4 Dead:

Zombies and frying pans flew with Bill and the crew. Venturing out to play ‘Pass the Boomer’ and ‘Hunter in the Middle’ was fun yet terrifying! At midnight a zombie head dropped, well more like bounced, off a telephone pole.

Lego Marvel Superheroes:

Captain America and Iron Man hosted a party at Stark Tower. A dance contest ensued on the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor was turned into an ice skating rink by Ice Man. At midnight, a ball shaped like the Death Star dropped from the very top of Stark Tower. Fireworks consisted of silver and gold Lego pieces.

Magic The Gathering Universe:

All of the Planeswalkers were gathered at Ashiok’s plane. I arrived there with the intention of welcoming 2014, but when I arrived, all of the Planeswalker’s were fighting amongst themselves! It looked like they still hadn’t made up since Thanksgiving. Fearing for my safety, I decided to hop to the nearest plane and get out of there. I’ve got no idea if 2014 made it to Ashiok’s plane. It was probably destroyed.

The Prince of Persia (original):

The poor Prince continues to be locked in the dungeon, its been 25 years and he still can’t get out of that place. I arrived at the dreadful dungeon by kicking a guard in the pants, otherwise how else would I get in there? Upon arrival, the prince had me jump over a pit with spikes. I could never do this in the real game without turning into Steak Tartar, how can I do it now? Luckily, using the motivation of the chocolate cake waiting for me on the other side, I was able to make it across, but barely. Keep in mind the Prince has been in imprisoned for 25 years, so he’s not much of a partier. So to ring in the New Year, I took the Prince and his shackles, raised him up and dropped him down at the stroke of midnight.

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