Beat Jeremy Feasel

Posted by David On January 10, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

During the Darkmoon Faire, aspiring Battle Pet Trainers can do a daily fight against Master Trainer Jeremy Feasel for the chance of getting a Darkmoon Eye pet (amongst other things).

This guy claims he is the best, and he can be a challenge, especially his pet Fezwick, but with my strat he is actually a bit of a push-over ­čÖé

Pets Needed:

Slot 1. Infinite Whelpling : Tail Sweep, Healing Flame, Early Advantage
Slot 2. Any Shale Hatchling : Burn, Poison Spit, Stone Rush
Slot 3. Rocket Chicken : Missile, Toxic Smoke, Launch

Notes: Any Shale Hatchling is fine, but it’s Speed must be > 280 & any Mechanical with anti-Beast attacks is fine, but it is vital that its Speed is > 294


Judgement – Start with the Infinite Whelpling and spam Tail Sweep. It should only take 3 attacks to kill Judgement. Then when Honky Tonk swaps in throw down an Early Advantage and then swap to your Shale Hatchling.

Honky TonkStone Rush, Burn, Burn. If at any time Shock and Awe stuns you, swap the Whelpling back in for a round and then back to the Hatchling.

Fezwick – Throw in a Poison Spit if you can then swap to your Mechanical. Toxic Smoke, and then spam Missile to victory.

Good luck getting the Eye!

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