Stepping out into the Wasteland Part 2‏

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In the last post, you were left wondering if I was going to blow up Megaton or not.

Feeling perplexed, I head back to Megaton to warn the people and I’m approached by Mr. Burke at the local bar, a ‘henchman’ for Old Man Tenpenny. I talk with this shady character and in a few seconds I know that he’s complete garbage; I don’t do garbage! The people in this town deserve more than to be blown up. In the final words of his sentence, I silence Mr. Burke with my gun. I then inform Lucas Simms, Megaton’s town sheriff about the deal to blow up Megaton; he wants to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. I ask myself, is it ok for one person to decide the fate of another human> No, but sometimes you’ve got to make choices that you don’t necessarily like. I’m going to kill Tenpenny and get rid of the threat once and for all. I take a look at my Pip-Boy 3000 and fast travel to Tenpenny Tower, gain access through the front gate, march up to Tenpenny and blow him to bits by stuffing a grenade into his pocket. After doing my good deed, I step back into the tower, use my rifle, and make my way back to Megaton. I go back to Megaton and disarm the bomb so it can never be rigged again, bid the town a fond farewell, and go on my merry way.

Since my dad ran out of the vault, I’ve been trying to find him so I could ask him if he lost his mind out in the wasteland. I find my way to the area where the bombs originally fell. This area is supposedly where my dad went to find a way to make the water in the wasteland pure again. My original plan was to just to travel the wasteland and become the Lord of Death, but finding my dad seemed more important. On my way to find my dad, I ran into mole rats, super-mutants with bumper swords, and people strung out on Jet, Med-X, and Buffout. After I reach my dad, things turn really sour. I thought getting to the same building as him would be easy, wrong! There are people out there who don’t want the wasteland to have pure water, they want to capitalize on its ugliness and desolation. After fighting my way through super-mutants and raiders, I reach my dad. He’s in the control room of Project Purity; but it’s full of radiation! I didn’t come this far to see my dad and also have this whole pure water thing blow up in my face. The virus given to me by the Enclave is not going into the water! I shoot the people who are trying to make the virus happen, and I restore the water to its purist form. Unfortunately, my dad died to due to all of the radiation poisoning, but he died a hero!  Bottles of water for everyone!

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