Interview with Brian Bloom

Posted by David On October 23, 2013 5 COMMENTS

Hi Guys!

As I mentioned in episode #62 thanks to the great people behind Armageddon Expo I had the good fortune to attend the Media Event last Friday, attended by Corey Feldman, Billy Boyd & Ian McNiece, which was great.

We all then split up into our scheduled interviews, with mine scheduled to be Dan Slott and Brent Anderson. I did get to meet Dan, and his interview will be in episode #63, but due to flight delays I was unable to interview Brent.

But all was not lost, as while I was waiting to interview Dan I struck up a conversation with the lovely Marni, who was revealed to be Brian’s Agent (and girlfriend) and not only was she awesome but she also arranged an interview with Brian! And I have to say, I have had some great interview experiences, but Brian is right up there with my favourites. He is not only a ridiculously talented actor and writer, but he was so awesome to talk to and I had a blast.

And he seemed to enjoy it too, because we were meant to only have 15 mins together, but before we knew it we were at 50 mins! And it was all awesome.

Obviously 50 mins is too much to put onto an episode so I’ve decided to post it here on the site almost in its entirety (it’s 46 mins, minus edits of people interrupting us and stuff). I hope you enjoy it.

And thanks again to Brian, Marni & Sophie from Armageddon Expo for allowing this to happen 🙂


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  1. Tim Andrews says:

    I met Brian an marni his partner both excellent people to chat to an I was his assistant at this yr Armageddon 2013 in Melbourne , Australia .. Just a shout out to Brian an marni great to be u both over that weekend come again soon!

  2. David David says:

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for commenting!

    That’s awesome dude! Yeah they were both great to chat to and if it wasn’t for Marni I probably wouldn’t have gotten the interview with Brian so cheers to her for sure 🙂


  3. David David says:

    Great pics mate! Thanks for sharing them 🙂

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