Burn to Ashes 5.4 spec

Posted by Brian On September 21, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Burn to Ashes is a Fire Mage talent spec designed around encompassing your enemy in fire until they become dust in the wind.

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The main spells used will be Living Bomb, Combustion, and Pyroblast. However, Pyroblast will mainly only be cast when you are either just starting out a fight, or in the cases of PvP whenever you don’t have an enemy up close. These situations call for Dragon’s Fire, so they can be dazed and allow you to move away from your enemy via Blink (utilizing the Glyph of Momentum, which will help you to move backwards while still facing your enemy).

To further help in survivability (as always mentioned first since I like to protect myself while doing damage), Ice Floes can also help buy some time, allowing you to move around while casting your spells. Also, even though Flameglow doesn’t add much to damage mitigation, it is an effect that is on going in helping to protect your character. Ice Ward and Frost Nova help to also keep enemies away from you, freezing your enemies in place allowing you to move away with Blink, or walk away while casting via Ice Floes. There is also healing available to the Mage (sometimes a much needed attribute) via Glyph of Evocation, which can be activated at anytime with the Invocation talent and also gives a good amount of added mana at the same time along with a 15% added damage buff. Also, whenever things get too hairy for the Mage, Greater Invisibility can get enemies off of your back in a flash, as well as give you a better vantage point over your enemy (in the case of PvP). Also, the Armors Glyph will allow your Molten Armor to withstand more damage (especially in conjunction with Flamglow).

Groups are easier to take down due to Inferno Blast and it’s associate Glyph, which allows the player to spread a Pyroblast, Ignite, or Combustion effect to an additional enemy. However before you begin with taking on a group, there will be some precautions that should be taken first. To begin, I recommend casting an Invocation to gain the damage bonus.  Then use Living Bomb on up to 3 of your targets and follow up with a Pyroblast and a couple of Scorches until you get a critical hit, causing an Ignite effect. Then, once you have your critical hit, cast Inferno Blast (which is an automatic critical hit) allowing for a free and instant cast of Pyroblast. After this, you can continue to cast either Scorches or Fireballs while using Frost Nova, Ice Ward and Dragon’s Fire to keep your enemies off of you while burning them to the ground.

All in all, Burn to ashes is based around the thought of keeping a lot of damage on your enemies while continually bathing them in more fire!

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