My day with an Enderman

Posted by Nikki On August 22, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

MineCraft is my newest video game addiction, but my husband, Mr. Wow Yoda, introduced me to something so scary……the Enderman!

Endermen are skinny, black and creepy characters in Minecraft. They are so spooky and I tried to sit down and interview one, but because Enderman teleport around and never stay in one place for too long I decided to go and spend the day with one instead.

I arrive at the Endworld on a sunny block filled afternoon. The first thing I see from my window are Endermen bouncing from place to place. Immediately upon getting off the plane, I’m greeted by Henry the Enderman; who I cannot look in the eye. I’m taken to a dungeon where skeletons, creepers and every other spooky thing lives. Henry shows me around the place (remember, I am not looking him in the eyes or at least trying to avoid it), and gives me a pixelated block to sleep on through the night. Being human in the Enderworld is not fun so far. I am hoping tomorrow proves me wrong.

The next day consists of teleporting to an area populated by humans. Apparently the first order of business is to go to a local farm and toss sheep around like basketballs. You get three points if you toss a sheep into the lava, wow. Henry informs me that shearing the sheep is also a popular activity because the Endermen like to put the wool on as a beard, pretend to be Santa and scare the children. Next, we head over to some dirt blocks, pick them up from a human’s home and throw them in the water at a fisherman in a boat. Henry informs me that all Endermen like to give wedgies! Henry heads over to a local human, gives him a wedgie and teleports away. It was quite comical watching the human try to pull his underwear out of his backside.

Next stop, destroying someone’s hard work! Henry and I find the most elaborate mine. It’s got all the amenities, plenty of tunnels and a stockpile of TNT! We both grab some TNT, place it on key parts of the mine and boom! With his bottom on fire, the human ran out of that mine and into some nearby water; it was awesome! With all of the events I’ve experienced, I’m really getting into being an Enderman.

Teleporting to the fair was probably the best part of the whole trip. This particular civilization has a carnival within the town with casinos, funnel cakes, candied apples and more. Henry and I arrive at the carnival just in time to scare some children. With cat like grace, we sneak up on a child, steal their candied apple and teleport away! Henry grabs a hand full of corndogs and tosses them in the air just for fun. We spot a Ferris wheel…… Henry and I pull a pixelated bolt of the center and the Ferris wheel goes rolling into town, like a donut looking for a cop. While the wheel is rolling through town, Henry keeps teleporting and causing all kinds of trouble.

After a long day of trouble and scaring humans it’s time for me to leave. Wait, where did this corndog come from?!

To see some behind the scenes of my day, check out this video

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