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Posted by David On July 23, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

One of the cool things about conventions is that you get to meet interesting and like-minded new people. And at the last Melbourne Oz Comic-Con I met two of the awesome guys behind Angel Phoenix Media, Pat McNamara & David Williams.

I was initially drawn to their booth by the large, magnificent looking hardcover book you can see in the bottom left of the picture, called Angelwitch: Book One, Dragonscarpe, which is a fully illustrated epic written by Pat and features awesome art by Michal Dutkiewicz. It is a stunning book. But of course the next thing that caught my eye was the awesomely titled The Legend of SpaceLord Mofo. I’m not sure why but that title just appeals to the Aussie in me 🙂

The Legend of SpaceLord Mofo follows Bran Mak Foo (aka, Spacelord Mo Fo) and Honey Pott, a just-married couple scrounging a living on the Edge of Endspace after a galactic apocalypse… or three. The Edge is a place where heroes are few, villainy’s the law, and the rest are just trying to survive. It is a digital comic that aims to push the boundaries of what people expect from that medium and looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

And they’re not the only things Angel Phoenix Media are working on. They are diving deep into the world of digital comics, animation and even live action TV! And there is a heap of great titles to choose from, including sci-fi actioners Venus IA & Venus League, sci-fi mystery Exiles, conspiracy thriller The Pandora Sequence & sci-fi/horror Streamers. Something for everyone!

And to get you started, for 1 month only, Angel Phoenix Media are selling e-book editions of Angelwitch: Book One, Dragonscarpe, The Pandora Sequence & Venus IA for only $2.99 each! An absolute bargain. I’ve picked them all up and at the time of reading this, I’ve finished Angelwitch & Venus IA and am halfway through The Pandora Sequence and I’m chomping at the bit for more!

So check out Angel Phoenix Media Promo page or go direct to Amazon or iTunes to download these great titles now!

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