Calling all Melbourne Pop Culture fans!

Get ready to set Phasers to Fun  (yeah, I went there) and jump to Warp Factor over 9000! (yeah I know I mixed franchises – don’t judge me!)  because Captain James T Kirk himself – Mr William Shatner – is coming to Oz Comic-Con!!!

Melbourne fans thought they were going to miss out when he was only confirmed for Perth & Adelaide, but apparently he loves us so much he’s coming back!

If you didn’t already have enough reasons to go to this year’s Oz Comic-Con, with their amazing line up of guests, then you definitely do now 🙂

We’ll be there (I wouldn’t miss this for anything) and we hope you’ll be there too.

July 6th & 7th can’t come fast enough!

Tickets on sale now, full details on the site.

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