Natural Selection 5.2

Posted by Brian On May 17, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Here is another talent spec that was original inspired by a suggestion from WoW Yoda fan, Zendfrim, for the purpose of Healing in a PvP environment. If you would like to request a certain type of spec for a class, I’m always open, just let me know what class, and what you want it to do!

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Natural Selection is able to heal and if need be, deal some damage while staying alive long enough to have your allies cheer for you afterward. In order to complete this, high amounts of combat mobility is a prerequisite.  Wild Charge more than completes this goal, in the fact that you can fly to an allies location, charge at an enemy, or leap behind your foe. With all of the heal over time spells that are instant cast, mobility is further enhanced, but if those weren’t enough, Nature’s Swiftness was included to allow several heals (which will be empowered), and a few utility spells to be used instantly. Couple that with an instant Swift Mend to make your next spell take 75% less time to cast thanks to your Soul of the Forest. Also, another instant to keep foes off of your back will be Mass Entanglement as well as Glyph of Prowl. For any one on one situations (which you will mostly likely have to wait out until a friend comes along, or use the previously mentioned abilities to get to a friend faster) Mighty Bash will give you a few precious seconds to either heal up or get away.

Also, for just movement in general, the Glyphs of Stag, Aquatic Form and Grace are added for getting around in general, not just for yourself, but for an ally as well in the case of Glyph of the Stag.

As for assistance with your healing or damage, Nature’s Vigil is a real treat (if only it was there before!). This ability increases your damage and healing by 10% for 30 seconds. Not only that, but when you deal damage, 25% gets added as a heal to a nearby ally, or when you heal, 25% of the health gain will be dealt as damage (which is the important part). So, if you have all of your heal over time effects on a friend, you will be constantly be streaming damage to your enemy. Throw in a Moonfire on your enemy, and that will constantly put a small heal on your friend (or yourself). Also, don’t forget about Glyph of Rejuvenation and Healing Touch. These are great not only on their own, but work along with Nature’s Vigil as well to really help turn around any skirmish. Also, for any major situation, don’t forget Iron Bark and that your Mastery: Harmony will greatly increase your survivability as well as your friend’s (especially Harmony for the case of Nature’s Vigil).

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