Holy Slam 5.2

Posted by Brian On March 12, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Hi WoW Yoda fans!

I apologize for not having any more specs since December 1st, but I was waiting for the new 5.2 patch to come out in order to fully revise all previous specs and begin creating more. To that end, I start anew with the Paladin spec – Holy Slam; for the casting class lovers that want a Pally that isn’t Ret or Prot spec.

Click here to see the talent spec on WoWHead

Surprisingly, not too much has changed on how this spec works, and in fact, its damage output is highly increased due to this patch. Sadly, Inquisition is no longer available to Holy spec, which does make sense since it isn’t supposed to be doing damage anyway, however Glyph of Harsh Words makes up for this in allowing a nice damage ability. This time, the main offensive spells will be Denounce, Holy Shock, Judgement, and Word of Glory. I recommend Seal of Truth still, due to Judgement causing the Censure effect. As for rotation, Denounce will be your baseline spell, casting whenever your others aren’t available, Holy Shock will give you the holy power necessary to cast your Word of Glory, then the talent Divine Purpose will give you a 25% chance to cast another time, and can actually proc on itself constantly. Glyph of Holy Shock will also allow you to deal more damage with your Holy Shock, while Glyph of Denounce gives the Holy Shock a chance to make your next Denounce to cast more quickly.

As for protecting yourself, Selfless Healer allows your Judgements to allow your Flash of Light to cost less, take less time to cast and heal for  damage time. However, if you can wait for your third Judgement, then your Flash of Light will be free, instant, and empowered. Also, Unbreakable Spirit will allow a more frequent use of your bubbles and Lay on Hands.  Then for the necessary movement for PvE or PvP, Pursuit of Justice will have you covered, especially if you have 3 holy power to move 30% faster.  Also, you can easily build up long lasting holy power by casting Holy Shock while not in combat.

One thing to be sure of, when starting combat with a single melee opponent, be sure to cast your Denounce first, followed by Judgement (to allow Burden of Guilt to slow them down) and then Holy Shock. For ranged opponents, it can be the other way around so you will build your holy power faster.  Sadly, this spec doesn’t have much in the way of AoE, so Holy Prism will cover for you. The one main thing to remember, is that you will need to target yourself first, so that your enemies will be burned. Also, your heals will give you a protective shield due to Mastery, so whenever you self heal, you will be protected, especially whenever Lay on Hands is cast.

I hope you enjoy the newly revised Holy Slam. Check back tomorrow for another revised WoW Yoda spec!

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