Face Ripper 5.2

Posted by Brian On March 13, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

As promised, here is another patch 5.2 revised spec, this time it’s the new version of my Assassination Rogue spec Face Ripper!

This spec was created to kill Horde foes left and right, and a special thanks to a post by Zendfrim, which suggested this spec.

Click here to see the Talent Spec on WoWHead

For this specialization, I recommend a high amount of Haste and Mastery, to allow dots to trigger and poisons to deal more damage. However, to make it viable for PvP, there needs to be more forms of utility and survivability.   Combat Readiness, Leeching Poison and Dirty Tricks will help you to keep onto your life as long as possible, while your utility comes from Nightstalker, Cloak and Dagger and Marked for Death.

The main thing to keep in mind for this spec, is to keep all of the DoTs you can on your opponent(s) at a time. This is also the reason for Dirty Tricks. Keeping your DoTs up will allow Venomous Wounds to constantly keep  more damage on your enemy and a decent flow of energy returning to you.  Also, Slice and Dice should be kept up for yourself, and if the enemy is highly armored, Glyph of Expose Armor is very handy.  Also, Marked for Death can give you an instant 5 combo points to be able to rake your foe over the coals.

As for enemy casters, Cloak and Dagger as well as Glyph of Garrote will be invaluable tools. This way, you can close in the space to get to them, and silence them as soon as possible, then lay into them with Mutilate.

As for the case of all enemies, Glyph of Debilitation will allow you to prevent an enemies escape, allowing you to continue stabbing them with your daggers to your heart’s content!

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