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Posted by Ben On February 19, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

This week for Comics Newbie, I am reviewing the first issue of Snapshot by Image Comics.

Since I have started reading comics I have found that Image is a great publisher for a new reader.   Jumping into DC and Marvel was a daunting task as it was tough to find a jumping on point whereas Image regularly release a new series to jump into.

Snapshot #1 is written by Andy Diggle with art by Jock (very mysterious one word name).

The story in a snapshot (pun intended) is as follows:

– Jake Dobson finds a phone in a park
– Jake discovers that the phone has one contact and a picture of a dead body
– The phone rings…

I will not reveal any more of the story as I do not want to spoil anything.

Although the idea of finding a device with a picture of a dead body is not a new one I was intrigued about where the story is heading.  I must admit though that I did not feel much sympathy for Jake as he comes off as a jerk.

I have heard that some comic readers are turned off by comics in black and white. Snapshot is a black and white comic and I believe the decision for that  is a good one so please do not let that deter you from reading. As a result, the artwork as a whole for this issue was fantastic.  A highlight of mine was a panel around the middle of the issue which showed how at a certain moment in time Jake was alone.  Great work by Jock.

I cannot wait for Issue #2 to come out in March and I highly recommend getting down to your local comic shop and picking this up.

Overall I give Snapshot #1  3.5 Lukes

For my next review I will give my impressions on the first two issues of the Brian Wood’s Star Wars series by Dark Horse Comics.

I would love to hear your feedback.  Please comment below or you can contact me via Twitter @bennykane1983.  If you have suggestions on other titles that I should read would love to hear from you.


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