Hunter Spec – Stick it to ’em

Posted by Brian On November 3, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Stick it to ’em is a Marksman spec for Hunters. This spec allows the hunter to wail on their foe(s) from the safety of any distance farther away than melee… which is exactly where all hunter’s should stay.

The main talents to assist in keeping enemies away from you are Binding Shot and Narrow Escape. These will hold your enemies in a certain area to allow for heavy AoE such as Lynx Rush, Multishot and Barrage. Thrill of the Hunt is a great passive for these situations for you to really throw more damage around, no matter if you are hitting a single target or a group. To further assist with survivability, Aspect of the Iron Hawk is also added in for those few situations where you may have an enemy slip through the cracks and get to harm you. Under these situations, be sure to remember your Disengage 1st, then your traps if your Disengage happens to be on cool down.

As for the major glyphs, I have selected Distracting Shot, Chimera Shot and Mending.  Distracting Shot and Mending are there to help keep you and your pet alive and well, keeping threat on the pet, and healing it over time. Chimera Shot will be the Hunter’s own form of mending.

Minor glyphs of course are always just for fun, but in some cases there can be a few for each class that can be of a lot of assistance.  Two examples of this are shown in Revive Pet and Tame Beast. Revive Pet is not frequently used, but is for those just in case scenarios where you may have gotten your pet killed and need to revive while you are still under attack.  (Don’t forget traps and Binding Shot for this emergency 1st before you start to revive). Tame Beast allows the taming to go a little faster so you can get back to questing, or whatever you were originally doing. As for Glyph of Fetch… pure entertainment… but I guess if your enemy dies in a spot where you are unable to loot, it could come in handy.]n|chMMzq

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