Feral Frenzy spec

Posted by Brian On October 26, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

My Feral Frenzy spec will allow the user to harm foes while keeping him/herself safe.  The point of this spec is to keep a constant flow of damage on your enemies through bleeds, while making self healing better.  The first thing to know about Feral Frenzy is to remember your bleed attacks.  These are Rake, Rip and Thrash.  While going about making your enemies bleed, Feral Frenzy also likes to make you heal yourself easier for situations in which you may be in trouble, or just keep enemies off of you all together.

Displacer Beast will get you into position to start wreaking havoc on any enemies in the area, or out of a sticky situation if needed.  Nature’s Swiftness can give you a quick pick me up, and when mixed with Dream of Cenarius, will allow you do deal increased damage.  Mass Entanglement can be used if you bit off more than you could chew, allowing you to fall back, heal as needed, and join back into the fray.  Force of Nature, while in Feral Spec, causes your Treants to attack foes with an occasional stun, which will help you to apply bleeds or even heal if needed.  Ursol’s Vortex is also for the just in case situation to help keep enemies in 1 spot while you delve bleeds or run out to heal.

As for the glyphs I have chosen Cat Form, Prowl and Pounce for Major and with Aquatic Form, Stag and Grace for the minor.  Cat Form will allow better survivability in giving you better heals from your own dots or from the kindness of others.  Prowl allows faster movement to get to any foe that you want to Shred (or rather Ravage first, then Rip a little later) your enemy that much faster.  As for Pounce, more distance is always good.  The Minor glyphs for this spec are more or less for artistic value, except for Grace.  Though the player will more than likely be in cast form most of the time, there may be situations (like after healing) that you may fall from a cliff while in Human form, or another when falling… not likely, but still a chance.

All in all, this spec is designed to allow the druid to rip their foes to pieces while keeping the aggressor as healthy as possible.


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