Life Render spec

Posted by Brian On September 26, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Mists of Pandaria is out and WoW Yoda makes his triumphant return!

To start out this wonderful occasion, we will begin with a Blood spec Death Knight.

My Life Render spec is all about throwing damage onto your opponents and gaining hit points for yourself as much as possible. After all, if Blizzard makes this a step up like Burning Crusade and Cataclysm were for those just entering the new lands, you will want to keep yourself alive to make sure you get those precious experience points.

So, the main thing to keep in mind when developing your spec, of course is to keep in mind what you want it to do. The second thing is to choose your main specialization that will help you accomplish said goal. So, knowing that we want the spec do deal damage and gain life, skills like Death Strike, Mastery: Blood Shield, and Scent of Blood will be vital.

Now, choosing your talents to back up your spec granted skills is also important, so long as they coincide with your purpose for the spec. So for the 1st talent, we know that Blood spec gets Scarlet Fever, which decreases damage that your enemies deal after a Blood Boil, so Roiling Blood is a good choice. The next tier are all 3 good choices, however for this spec, I would recommend taking Lichborne. The reason for this, is that if you have enough runic power, you can cast Lichborne, target yourself, and then cast a couple of Death Coils to heal yourself in a pinch. That along with temporary immunity to charm, sleep, and fear is nothing to take lightly. Death’s Advance will prevent you from getting slowed by enemies, and allowing you to more quickly pursue any targets quickly before they can do too much damage to recoup from. Conversion will allow you to heal for a lot if the Lichborne ability is on cool down. Blood Tap will also assist in creating death runes to be able to use in conjunction with your Conversion or Lichborne/Death Coil combo for more rune power. As for the level 90 ability, Remorseless Winter will keep enemies in their place, and in some cases prevent any action, which allows you to steal life to your heart’s content.

As for the glyphs, Dark Simulacrum and Anti-Magic Shell will help to keep you alive against any pesky spell caster, as well as in the case of your shell, to give you extra rune power (that you can of course turn back into life for yourself). Vampiric Blood will take away your added 15% health gain, but hey, after 15 seconds, you would lose it any way, so may as well gain 15% additional healing for and from yourself, since one of the combos mentioned above will work wonders with this. The secondary abilities are more or less for some utility, for example it can be annoying falling on your Path of Frost and dying (and sadly, yes, I have died from this even solo). Resilient Grip will give you a little leeway with any stubborn targets that don’t understand the phrase, “Get over here!” (sorry, couldn’t help that reference). Lastly, Death’s Embrace is in case you just don’t feel like losing your minion quite yet if he is helping you by taking on 1 of your adds.

Life Render will help you Death Knights to take Mists of Pandaria by storm by helping prevent the loss of your blood by replacing it with your enemies’.

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