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Welcome to part 2 of our new series Behind the Counter, showcasing the great comic and nerd culture shops around Australia.

For this installment we bring you – Gifts for the Geek!

Run by self confessed geeks Darren & Jason, Gifts for the Geek has been in operation since 2007 in Geelong Victoria.

Supportive of their community, and well known and beloved faces at conventions all around Australia, Darren & Jason have an infectious love for all things Geek and we’re very happy they are part of our series.

Take it away Darren!

When did you first open?

The physical store opened in February 2007 as a Xmas dumping store for two companies – Prankmonkeys and Oz Cards Inc; it was only supposed to go for a month

What compelled you to enter the comic shop industry?

After I quit Bible College and left the Church (deciding not to become a priest), I vowed never to work for anyone but myself again. I started Prankmonkeys as an Ebay trading card store but I really didn’t love the product after the Xmas dump store and I decided that I wanted to sell things I loved, in case I got stuck with it. I also wanted cheaper comics for myself.. yep I’m that selfish!

What makes your store unique?

In the actual store itself we have a great blend of comics and metal/music shirts and we have a dedicated kids area, to stop parents buying the wrong things. But the biggest thing that makes us a little unique is the amount of comic and pop culture Conventions we work at around Oz. We travel heaps – 29 events this year and 6 to go. We spend a lot of the time in other states so we get to meet customers all over Oz and they follow our fun on Facebook. We also dip into the celebrity side of things by hosting our own guests at events and throwing kick ass parties at the end of them, which have become to be known as AFTERMATH parties. Getting drunk with Bud Bundy (David Faustino) at a strip club and having him do the lines to the nudie bar Married With Children ep has become a life memory 🙂

What do you like most about your job?

I don’t have to wear shoes to work

What do you dislike most about your job?

People who think comics are just for kids

What do you think is the future of comics?

While digital is playing an important part in getting people to have a look at comics I’m not convinced it’s not just a bubble, there is nothing like holding a comic in your hand or arguing about a scene in your fave comic and being able to grab it off the book shelf and skip to that page to prove your point.

I do get concerned with the staleness that can come from the comic industry when it’s all about the money and control. For example, Disney owning a chunk of Marvel makes me concerned for the future of Marvel storylines. I think there is great stuff coming form independent and young comic makers, it’s just a shame it cost so much for them to get noticed.

Do you have any favourite comics?

Preacher, every single issue

Old Man Logan

The Dark Knight Returns

What are you reading right now?

The Boys, Crossed, Locke and Key, Batgirl & Smurfs

Any future plans you want your shoppers to know about?

We love fun days and in the next year we have plans for things like “Walking Dead Week” and “Day of the Deadpool”..can’t say too much more right now 🙂 (Editors Note: Check out their Facebook page for up to date info!)

Thanks so much to Darren for taking the time to answer our questions. The love these guys have for their industry and customers is very obvious and they’re great guys to boot! Next time you’re after something for that special geek in your life, check out Gifts for the Geek!

Name: Gifts for the Geek

Proprietors: Darren & Jason

Address: 155 Ryrie St, Geelong, VIC 3220  (Google Maps)

Phone: +61 3 5229 3630




As a special bonus here is their About Us page, which I think is awesome:

I’m not sure if you’re like us, but when ever you read an “about us” page don’t you get sick of all the BS and lies? How can every one of them claim to be the biggest and the best?

We don’t go in for that here, we are just a couple of poms who happen to be scifi/comic fans, we love our business and our industry.

We will never be the biggest and probably will never be the best, and quite frankly who wants that kind of pressure! Everyone watching you trying to outdo you. No thanks 🙂

Here at GFTG we will do our best to keep our prices fair and to fill your orders asap and make amends if things go wrong :)”

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