Not long to go now!

Posted by David On June 9, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

My excitement for Oz Comic-Con is getting out of control!

They have just announced a new guest for the Melbourne event (June 3oth/July 1st) – Julie Benz!

The lovely Ms Benz has featured in a heap of productions, but is best known for her work in Buffy, Angel & Dexter.

She is joining a really great line-up. I have already mentioned quite a few of them on this website and the podcast so I’ll take the opportunity to highlight some of the guests I haven’t mentioned yet:

David Okeniyi, Willow Shields, Levin Rambin – The Hunger Games

Karen Baltzer, Ryan Robbins – Sanctuary

Hudson Leick – Xena, Warrior Princess

Jeffrey Combs – Re-Animator

Paul Mason – creator of the comic The Soldier Legacy

Scott Allie – Senior Managing Editor at Dark Horse

Stewert McKenny – artist on Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic

And many more local and overseas guests joining them.

For full details check out their website – Oz Comic-Con

And don’t forget to pre-purchase your ticket! Ticket details here – Oz Comic-Con/Tickets – and you can buy them from Ticketmaster – Ticketmaster

Not long to go now!

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