Don’t forget our Competition!

Posted by David On June 1, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Hi All! This is just a reminder of our awesome competition we having going at the moment.

We have 2 awesome prize packs, with both packs featuring a double entry weekend Pass from the great guys from OzComicCon!

1st Prize includes:

  • A copy of The Prestige novel, (which we are reviewing next episode)
  • A copy of the V for Vendetta hardcover
  • The V for Vendetta DVD
  • And a double weekend pass for OzComicCon!

Runners Up prize pack, which includes:

  • A copy of The Prestige novel
  • As well as the DVD of the film
  • The Killing Joke trade
  • And a double weekend pass for OzComicCon!

All you have to do to win these great prizes is to email us at and answer the following questions:

1. What was the highest rating Luke has given a film & what was that film?

(Hint: there are 2 possible answers)

2. Name any 2 people we have been lucky enough to interview on the show. This also includes any quest crew members we had.

3. What was Richo’s lowest rating for a movie & what was that movie?

4. Name 2 guests coming to the Melbourne OzComicCon event

Entries close midnight June 23 and the winners will be announced on Episode #27, which will be up June 24.

Be in it to win it!

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