Nature’s Malice spec

Posted by Brian On February 7, 2012 1 COMMENT

The design for this Moonkin spec is to deliver as much damage as possible to your enemy.  Owlkin Frenzy will help to increase your damage and remove your spell pushback in any form of melee situation, especially when you use Barkskin to prevent more damage and threat of critical hits.  Also, if you can get to either your Lunar or Solar effect before taking on several enemies, you can use Nature’s Grace to help further improve how much damage you can deal to a mob of opponents. If you ever start to run out of mana, your Dream State mixed with Innervate will help to restore yourself, as well as Euphoria whenever you reach your Shower state.  Unfortunately, since there aren’t many survivability options in Balance spec, except for Solar Beam, you will have to apply some tricks.  For this spec, I mixed in Improved Regeneration and the Glyph of Rejuvenation, which you will want in order to cast about 80% hit points.

In order to remain tricky, I have found that hostile NPC’s do not react to Wild Mushrooms placed at their feet, so you can make a trail of them to yourself and explode them. This will make a trail of the Fungal Growth effect that slows them to a crawl before they get to you. Then, when they finally get within melee range, use Typhoon, and they have to crawl to you a second time, unless of course they are dead already.  As for enemy casters, a funny way to take care of them is to use Entangling Roots, and then hit them with Solar Beam. This will stop their casting for at least 10 seconds. Also, with the Glyph of Starfall and Glyph of Starsurge, your Starfall will be ready very quickly and can deal a ton of damage, especially during a Lunar Shower.

All in all, Nature’s Malice can deliver a lot of damage in a rapid succession. Gear wise, it is recommended to keep a good amount of Mastery and Haste to keep up the damage to a constant.

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