Bushwacker spec

Posted by Brian On February 12, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Welcome to my latest WoW Yoda spec. This time I’m showing some Hunter love, with a Survival spec I like to call the Bushwacker.

This spec will allow the Hunter to hit hard and fast to annihilate their prey. The main part to remember about this spec while using it, is that traps will be a real prerequisite, to allow the frequent use of the player to Lock and Load. Also, Thrill of the Hunt and Efficiency to keep as much focus as possible. I recommend using Ice Trap (using the Trap Launcher) to initiate your attack. This way, you will use Explosive Shot (which will be a free cast), then Black Arrow, Serpent Sting, and then any combination of Arcane Shot or Cobra Shot until your original Explosive Shot‘s cool down has finished, in which you simply apply another Explosive Shot. Also, this spec gains a large amount of bonuses from using Deterrence for sticky situations, including Mirrored Blades.  Also, Disengage will be needed, but only after using Ice Trap, so you can gain another Lock and Load.

Your critical strike will be highly increased from Point of No Escape, Toxicology, Glyph of Explosive Shot, and Glyph of Serpent Sting while your Haste is bolstered by Pathing and Hunting Party. Of course, a little more Haste from gear/enchants couldn’t hurt. Mastery will also be a very nice addition to increase your added elemental damage, which will be in all of your special ability shots.

The pet of choice for this spec is the Wind Serpent, for the additional 8% magic damage, and Roar of Recovery, which can help a lot to gain extra Focus. Or, if you prefer, an Owl, for its ability to increase its own damage.


All in all, this spec should allow the user to destroy your enemy, while he slips around on your ice, and if he does get out of the ice, you have plenty of ways to avoid damage, and force him back on the ice and at the dangerous end of your weapon and pet.

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