Lightning Storm spec

Posted by Brian On December 7, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Here is my latest killer WoW spec – Lightning Storm!

This Elemental Shaman spec is designed to shock your enemy into submission with the power of nature.  Your predominant spells are going to be Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Frost Shock, Earth Shock, and Thunderstorm.  The main reason why I did not say Flame shock and Lava Burst, is due to the fact that this spec is mainly going to go for Fulmination, and if you stack enough mastery and/or haste, you will get the Fulmination effect VERY frequently, which is good for massive damage.

Also this spec has a lot of survivability to it as well.  It has all magic damage reduced by 12% by Elemental Warding and 10% less damage while casting with Ancestral Resolve.  You will also want to use your Thunderstorm and Frost Shock to keep enemies off of your back, while you blast away at them.  Earthquake and a well placed Earthbind Totem can also help with keeping enemies away from you. I would normally say that the Flametongue Weapon  is the best choice, but recently, I’ve found that Frost Brand seems to do better, in conjunction with Unleash Elements, forcing your enemy to a VERY slow crawl.

Also, the totems i generally will use are Stoneskin, Flametongue, Mana Spring and Wrath of Air.  There are situations of course where you will need Earthbind or Tremor to help take enemies off of you, or to use some of the fiery damage totems, but i usually prefer to just stick with Flametongue, since it can help with healing too, as well as the very favored, Grounding for PvP.

The main rotation would be to use your Lightning bolt on your enemy, followed by Frost shock, then continue with Lightning bolt when they get close, pop them with your Thunderstorm, and another frost shock.  If you have your Fulmination ready, then use Earth Shock.  If you have a group on you, then you can use Chain Lightning instead of Lightning bolt, and continue casting till they get to you.  Then, when they are close, Earthbind totem, while running back, then continue with Chain Lightning, until they are close again, in which you can use Thunderstorm, and just pelt them from afar even more!  Using this spec, if you can keep your mastery or haste high enough, your Lightning Storm will tear your enemies asunder!

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