Blood Spiller spec

Posted by Brian On November 10, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Welcome to my latest WoW spec, this time focusing on the bastion of fury, the Warrior!

This spec is all about spilling your enemy’s blood while keeping yourself alive and well.  There is plenty of self healing in this spec as well as a good amount of damage to be dealt, by dot and burst.  With Lambs to the Slaughter, you will keep a high amount of damage on your main abilities, which are Slam and Mortal Strike.  Also, if several enemies get the drop on you, Sweeping Strikes and Deadly Calm will be your best friends, allowing you to hit several enemies at a zero rage cost.  Also, if you are level enough, throw in your Bladestorm to become a whirling death zone… or for my personal favorite, a gnome, a little blender of death!  Also, Blood Frenzy will be very handy to increase all bleed damage from your Rend and Impale, and your Blood and Thunder will spread it to nearby enemies.

To help keep you alive, Blood Craze, Toughness, and Second Wind will be your friends.  Also, the glyph for your Victory Rush will also restore hit points.  If you feel that you have too many enemies on you, feel free to use Throwdown to decrease the pressure on you.  Also, due to the talent Taste for Blood, you will want to keep the Rend effect on as many enemies as possible and allow the frequent use of Overpower.  Sure it has an internal cooldown of 5 seconds, but the more enemies you have Rend on, the more likely it is to proc that 5 seconds.  And, the great part about this spec is that you really only need to have Battle Stance active (no Stance Dance!).

I have used this spec for leveling my now lvl 85 Warrior, and after defeating almost EVERY enemy, I left with 100% of my hit points.  In the case that I didn’t have full hit points, I would after hit the next enemy with Victory Rush and be right back to full.  By the use of this spec, you can spill your enemy’s blood with ease, while keeping onto your own right where it belongs!

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