Unholy Embrace spec

Posted by Brian On October 26, 2011 ADD COMMENTS

I call this spec “Unholy Embrace (OE)”. I put in the OE in to show that it is open ended, and is flexible for the player.

The point of this spec is to get the disease on your enemies, and then embrace them with the Blight talent. This spec is used for constantly firing off Death Coil as much as possible to get your zombie minion to be mutated into the monstrosity as much as possible. One way to be cheap in doing this, if need be, is to target your minion and use your Death Coil on it, since your Glyph will reduce the cost if used to heal. Also, if you are targeted by spells, your Anti-Magic Shell will reduce the damage to nothing, and allow for a lot more Death Coils.

As for the remaining 4 points. If you are PVPing, Death’s Advance and Desecration are very good ideas. For PVE, Unholy Command and Butchery are wise moves to keep the slaughter going strong. For instances, Improved Unholy Armor may be a good move to increase your DPS from both attacks and diseases, as well more likely chances of Sudden Doom procs.

click here to see the Unholy Embrace spec @ wowhead.com


After you have gotten all of your diseases on the target it will be vital to change all of your Blood and Frost Runes to Death Runes using Festering Strike. Then, when you have all of your Death and Unholy Runes ready, let loose 6 of your Scourge Strikes followed by a barrage of Death Coils. Or you can also just let loose your Death Coils whenever you have the runic power available to do so. Also, you will want to increase your Mastery and Critical chance to really dish out the destructive power of your Unholy Embrace!

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